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Friday, January 17, 2020

Why Writing In The Morning Is 100% Better Than Writing At Night

I decided to do a post a day this year: 2020. And, this is my 17th post. My semesters have begun, and I noticed that I have fallen into a cycle of doing everything else through the day and then sitting to write a post right before bedtime. Initially, that seemed like the best time to schedule the task, until I realized today that it had already become a "task"?

I am writing because there are so many ideas spinning around in my head, and it's a good place to sort them out. I am writing everyday so that I can read more, I can think more and I can write more. But, after a regular day with lectures, meetings, other deadlines, I just seem to become lazy and not devote the time that a blog post deserves. 

I just went back to look at what times I've been posting my last few blog posts: 10.51 PM, 10.48 PM, 11.05 PM, 11.16 PM, and now that's sample enough to prove my point. If you've read my post on 5 Things That Help Me In College, you'd know that I go to bed early, and it's just much better if I write a post through the day when I can give it more time, and work on it sincerely. 

Here are some of the reasons I think mornings are a great time to write:

1. You're refreshed. 
2. You get time to think through the day, and work on your post.
3. You won't feel like just crawling into bed and not caring. 
4. You won't feel like it's a task/duty. I am writing because I love to. And, I am writing everyday so that I think better. I shouldn't force it to become a burden, and stop bad habits before it does become a burden. 
5. You have enough time for backups. Like today it was 11.40 PM. And, my laptop hung. So, I typed out this post on my phone. If it was morning, I'd have had enough time for a backup.

One of my friends rightly summed it up when I was voicing out how I should write in the morning: "Not just because you're lazy at night, but morning is a great time."

It's 11.58 PM gosh! I promise today is the last day. See you tomorrow morning! Good night, sleep tight!

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