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Saturday, January 4, 2020

Academic Jokes On Twitter

Having done a bunch of projects, research papers and a publication in law school, academic jokes became highly relatable at one point through my semesters. Academia Obscura is one of my absolute favourites when it comes to "the hidden silly side of higher education" on twitter. Here are some of my favourite tweets from them.

"How to find manuscript typos
1. Click Submit"

"Academia in a nutshell: being knowledgeable in a narrow domain that nobody understands or cares about."

"Footnotes are the bane of academic writing."

So, when they came out with a book on the same lines, I got it to read. And, if you think academics is all "stuffiness"and "elbow patches", then this is the right book to pick up to change your mind. It explores the love of an academic on his subject, and at the same time takes a dig on how the strict structural formalities can bend the patience and the capabilities of the best of academicians.

Everything in the book is simply put, but would tickle your bones with humour as it is highly relatable and real. Most of what you would read is something that you would be going through or would have gone through, or at least would know someone who has gone through a similar patch.

Another great account on twitter to get small comics/illustrations (that are sometimes so true that it pushes you to borderline guilt) on academic jokes is RedPen/BlackPen.

There are several other similar handles on twitter, but these two are my absolute favourites. If you have your favourite handle for academic jokes, do share in the comments! 

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