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Thursday, January 30, 2020

What To Read

Title: What To Read
Author: Mickey Pearlman

My blog gives a list of books to readers and a review of each book, for those in question of what to read!

But, ever read a book on what to read? Let me introduce you to Mickey Pearlman's What To Read, an essential guide for reading group members and other book lovers. It is one of the most extensive reading lists, covering genres such as classics, children's classics, thrillers, fiction, non-fiction, adventure, biographies, family, romance, and health, and ranges the spectrum of books from American, Asian, English and so on!

Every chapter is a reading list of a particular category, and there are thirty eight extensive categories. Every category has a list of books, each with a one-para blurb that tells you what you should expect from the book. 

Mickey Pearlman wrote in a note to the reader: 

"I hope you will keep this guide in your briefcase or book bag when you visit your local library or bookstore, and that you will use it when your book club is deciding what to read."

Whether you read the note or not, that is exactly what you'd do with the book. And, that's what I did too. This was one of the books that I constantly went back to for book suggestions, and I used to make a list of the books I liked or wanted to try when I used to go to pick books from the library to read. The lists were so exhaustive, and had such a beautiful range of books that had something for all, and I loved picking up the threads and suggestions from this book.

I remember the library uncles, who helped us with the location of the books and other things, were surprised at the list I used to ask them to get for me. I remember them asking me where I even get such peculiar, interesting lists from. I remember the knowing smile they used to give me whenever I entered the library with a long list of suggestions that I had picked from this book! It introduced me to a lot of books that I might have never come across otherwise. 

With a classy introduction, and cool tips on when, where, what and how to read, the book is a must-have for all readers who want to explore and read more! It's an oldie-goldie, check it out!

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