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Monday, July 12, 2010

First Term At Malory Towers

Title: First Term At Malory Towers
Author: Enid Blyton
Main Characters: Darrell Rivers, Mr. & Mrs. Rivers, Sally Hope, Mr. & Mrs. Hope, Gwendoline, Mrs. Lacey, Alicia, Betty and Mary-Loe.
Description of one of the main characters: Gwendoline is a student who leads a sheltered life, who is arrogant and jealous of others. She hates Darrell, Sally and Mary-Loe. She does pranks and put the blame on Darrell. Once she smashes Mary-Loe’s favourite fountain pen and blames Darrell Rivers for the mistake. She never asks sorry to anyone for her mistakes.
Whom I like and Why: I like Alicia because she is talkative, smart and clever. She is good at swimming and other sports. I like her smart mischief which she plans carefully. She is good and a loyal friend of Betty.
Whom I dislike and Why: Mary-Loe is so afraid of things and is a coward. She is fit for nothing. She takes no interest in sports. She is afraid of water and sometimes talks rude to people. Hence I dislike Mary-Loe.
Setting/Theme of the story: Darrell Rivers joins a new boarding school, The Malory Towers. There are two more new girls, Sally and Gwendoline. Sally is a quiet, serious girl with twinkling eyes. As for Gwendoline, she is a pampered child with long golden hair and brown curious eyes. Malory Towers is huge and fantastic. The pranks done by Darrell and her friends make up the story First Term At Malory Towers.
The Part I enjoyed the most: I enjoyed one of the pranks done by Alicia and Betty by acting like a deaf hearing everything wrong. For example, if someone says cold, they heard it as gold. They act like deaf during Mam Zelle Dupont’s French class.
A different ending: Gwendoline goes to another school suggested by her governess. Darrell thinks she would get spoiled more. Darell is good at swimming and both Sally and Darrell become thick friends. It is all happiness again. But now they cans no more play any tricks at Mam Zelle Dupont’s class. It is all fine once again at Malory Towers.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Quesera And Her Ants

In the middle of the thick dense forest, there lived a cobra named Nagina. She was always proud of her strength and talked arrogantly to comparatively smaller animals. The red ants which lived there, for years,  knew Nagina well. The ants hated Nagina. One day, she went to the ant-hill and called out, “Quesera, I need the ant-hill for myself. I need to live somewhere.” The Queen of ants, Quesra became extremely angry. She cried “You coward. You laze goose. Why dont you build one for yourself? This is for us. Dont trouble us. Get away.” Nagina was so angry that she destroyed the ant-hill with her long and strong tail. Quesera and her ants started climbing up to Nagina’s body. They bit her all over the body. Nagina’s body was badly injured. She could not move at all. After a month or so, she died of hunger. The smaller and bigger animals thanked Quesera and her ants for the brave act.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Famous Five : Five Go Down To The Sea

Title: Famous Five : Five Go Down To The Sea
Author: Enid Blyton
Main Characters: Julian, Dick, Anne, George, Timmy, Mr. & Mrs. Penruthlan, Yan, Yan’s Grandad, The Barnies and The Guv’nor.
Description of one of the main characters: Mr. Penruthlan is a strange and magnificent figure of a man-tall, well over six feet, broadly built, and extremely dark. His mane of hair is black and curly, his eyes is as black as his hair. He works with the police to catch smugglers. If any false light shines from the hill to make boats come near the shore, he calls the police at once and they get arrested.
Whom I like and Why : Even though Yan is dirty and wears torn clothes he is helpful for the five when they are struck in the cave. He comes in search of them and helps them unlock the bolt. He is a good friend of Timmy.
Whom I dislike and Why: I dislike The Guv’nor because he is one of the smugglers of Tremannon farm. He smuggles dangerous drugs. Drugs that are sold at enormously high prices in the black market.
Setting/Theme of the story: Its holiday for The Famous Five. They go to Tremannon farm to spend their holidays with Mr. & Mrs. Penruthlan. One day they go to the hill to see Yan and his grandad. Grandad tells many stories about the wrecks and some secrets about the tower. He says that, in the yesteryears, the wreckers used to lure the sailors on the dangerous Cornish rocks along the coast during stormy nights. When Dick, George, Anne, Julian and Timmy are in the hill, they see the light in the tower. They want to save the boat which is going to be smuggled or wrecked. But they cannot. Finally they find out that the smuggler is none other than The Guv’nor. The Five tells Mr. Penruthlan about it and The Guv’nor is arrested. He is put into prison. The Barnies thank The Famous Five for their brave act.
The Part I enjoyed the most: I enjoyed the part when Clopper, the horse sits down and crosses its legs and does all sorts of funny things.
A different ending: The children thought that Mr. Penruthlan is the smuggler. He is really. He shines the light and almost everyday there would be a news that a ship is wrecked and looted. He smuggles with his four friends, The Guv’nor, Sid, Mr. Blinks and Yan’s Grandad. He says to everyone that he is working with the police. But Dick, Anne, George and Julian prove that Mr. Penruthlan is a smuggler to the town by trapping him in the Wrecker’s Way. Everybody thank The Famous Five.  

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Title: Pygmalion
Author: Bernard Shaw
Main Characters: Freddy, Eliza the Flower Girl, Prof. Higgins, Colonel Pickering, Mr. Doolittle-Father of Eliza and Mrs. Pearce.
Description of one of the main characters: The Flower Girl, Eliza is a common girl of London. Her pronunciation is very bad when she comes to the convent garden. But she goes to Higgins and learns good English. She learns phonetics. She starts to speak well. Freddy falls in love with the flower girl and they both marry.
Setting/Theme of the story: Eliza, a cockney flower girl goes to Prof. Higgins to learn phonetics. She becomes talented and speaks good English. She used to speak the local dialect without a phonetic alphabet which is unintelligible outside London. Colonel Pickering helps Higgins to make Eliza a Duchess in three months. He watches over Eliza when she is in international parties. Mrs. Pearce helps Eliza with her costumes for the parties and she also teaches Eliza some good etiquettes to follow. She undergoes metamorphosis and becomes a nice looking lady. Because of this complete change, a young man named Freddy falls in love with the flower girl. They both marry each other and live happily.
The Part I enjoyed the most: I like the conversations between the characters. I like the theme/setting of the story. One of the conversations I enjoyed is between Prof. Higgins and his pupil:
WHISKERS : Maestro, Maestro (he embraces Higgins and kisses him on both cheeks). You remember me?
HIGGINS: No I don’t. Who the devil are you?
WHISKERS: I am your pupil: your first pupil, your best and greatest pupil. I am little Nepommuck, the marvellous boy. I have made your name famous throughout Europe. You teach me phonetic. You cannot forget ME.
HIGGINS: Why don’t you shave?
NEPOMMUCK: I have not your imposing appearance, your chin, your brow. Nobody notices me when I shave. Now I am famous: they call me Hairy Faced Dick.
HIGGINS: And what are you doing here among all the swells?
NEOPOMMUCK: I am interpreter. I speak 32 languages. I am indispensable at these international parties. You are great cockney specialist: you place a man anywhere in London the moment he opens his mouth. I place any man in Europe.
(a footman hurries down the grand staircase and comes to Nepommuck).
FOOTMAN: You are wanted upstairs. Her excellency cannot understand the Greek gentleman.
NEPOMMUCK: Thank you, yes, immediately.
(the footman goes and is lost in the crowd)
NEPOMMUCK: (to Higgins) This Greek diplomatist pretends he cannot speak nor understand English. He cannot deceive me. He is the son of a Clerkenwell watchmaker. He speaks English so villainously that he dare not utter a word of it without betraying his origin. I help him to pretend; but I make him pay through the nose. I make them all pay. Ha Ha! (he hurries upstairs).