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About Me

Hi all!

This is Sandhya Varadharajan. I am studying B. Sc., LL. B. at Gujarat National Law University, Gandhinagar.

I have been reading books and posting reviews for some time now. I also do posts on what I learn, from the experiences of things I do, general things that are interesting, about food and movies.

I have published three novels- Wizile, Much Of A Muchness and Sir Antiquarian. The three books are available for free download, in this blog, under the category "ebook" or under the tab "My Books".

I was interviewed for my first book by Vinanya Naidu from Lighthouse Insights.

Here is the link where you can read the interview: http://lighthouseinsights.in/blogger-studying-in-standard-eight-publishes-her-first-ebook-wizile.html/

You can also read my guest-post on Leadership that I wrote for LetsGrowLeaders: http://letsgrowleaders.com/leadership-in-children/older_kids_books_on_leadership/

This blog mainly gives readers a list of good books to read and a report by me on each book. The category "Index" can help with is, where upon clicking the title of the book that interests you, you will be taken to the review.

Feel free to share your comments!


  1. Hey Sandhya
    Your blog is very well maintained and the fact that you write very often is very, very good. Hope you continue in the same fashion and all the best!
    You can check out my blog at www.theblockhole.blogspot.in

  2. I enjoyed reading some of your book reviews. You have established a disciplined habit of writing about each book after reading. The more you read and write, it will be more exciting and enriching. cheers.. R.Viswanathan https://ambassadorviswanathan.com/

  3. This is an absolutely wonderful blog! And there is such consistency in both the timelines and quality. It's beautiful to see you grow into the writer you are through the years! I have subscribed, and looking forward to reading it my mail every day. Can see a phenomenal writer, keep it going girl!

  4. This is a wonderful blog, and we need more of this kind! The language, the descriptions, the stories, the reviews- what a pleasure to read. Keep up the good work, and looking forward to read more in 2021... cheers


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