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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

asdf ;lkj

Since when I've been in eighth grade my dad had asked me to learn typing. I remember he gave me a booklet to learn typing. It asked me to place my fingers strategically on these alphabets and type a full page of a-s-d-f-space-;-l-k-j, and that was the end of what I ventured to learn from the book. Soon, even without actually learning typing, I became pretty fast with it, thanks to the constant use of laptops. However, it has to be said that I can't type without completely looking at the keyboard. 

By sheer habit, my fingers automatically go to the location of the keys, but once in a while I need look at them to make sure if they are doing fine. This, could have been avoided maybe if I'd learn to type according to the books. 

Increasingly, the relevance of typing is on the decline. From keys, we've comfortably gone to the era where we "swipe" on a board in the touchscreen surfaces, and we also have styluses through which we can just write like in paper and the system interprets the strokes of the hand-written alphabets to very successfully convert them into typed text. 

Even these seem a generation back at the rate the world is progressing. With absolutely awesome speech-to-text speech recognition applications and devices, would the necessity to know typing really be as necessary for personal purposes? 

But, sometimes- rarely actually, even with all that technology that's developing, when I have to spin out a 10,000 word research paper or moot memorial in law school, I just wish I knew typing and didn't have to look at the keypad for assurances. 

Maybe, should have not gotten bored so quickly, and should have completed that page of asdf ;lkj which may have motivated me to complete that workbook. 

But, meh, which kid ever thought one day they'd have to write 10,000 words moot memorials overnight? 

P.S. : A lighthearted post, stemming from my moot preparations mood. I know I promised to write in the mornings, but University schedule just gobbles the day up. 7.52 PM from 11.58 PM is still good progress! Kudos to me, and I'll try harder!

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