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Friday, December 21, 2012

The Warriors of Javida

Title: The Warriors of Javida
Author: Samyuktha Nair
Main Characters : Aaliya, Jared, Aaron, Sara, Nathe, Yasmin, Princess Jeni, King Ni, The King Of Jeneezia, Rhia and Hansel.
Description of one of the main characters: Sara is a jewel warrior. Her birth jewel is diamond. She is the head of the community of jewel warriors in Javida. She serves King Ni, the ruler of Javida. She appoints Jared as Aaliyah’s guardian as every jewel warrior has a guardian. She is very kind. She is the most experienced in the community of jewel warriors.
Whom I like and why: I like Aaron very much. He is Aaliyah’s twin brother. He and Aaliyah were separated when they were young. Aaliyah was taken by King Ni and grew up with the king’s daughter, Princess Jeni. Aaron was taken away by a Jeneezian. An old woman possessed Aaron and tried to kill Jared, the ruby warrior.
Setting/theme of the story: Jared takes away Aaliyah to the place where the jewel warriors liven when Aaliyah and Princess Jeni were out in the streets of Javida. According to Sara’s prophecy, a girl with a gold armband in her left hand would end the war between Javida and Jeneezia. As Jared saw Aaliyah with a armband in the left hand made of gold, he took her to his hut. Aaliyah mets Sara, Nathe and Yasmin, the three  other jewel warriors in Javida. Sara appoints Jared as the guardian of Aaliyah. Aaliyah discovers that her birthstone is Emerald. She learns to use magic. One day war breaks out between Javida and Jeneezia. Aaliyah kills the ruler of Jeneezia. Even the Jeneezians feel happy about the death of their ruler. After that, Aaliyah meets her long lost twin brother, Aaron. Soon they discover that Aaron is being processed by an old Jeneezian woman who has been employed by the new ruler of Jeneezia to kill Jared, the ruby warrior. She wants to kill Jared as he is the ruby warrior. Ruby is the sacred stone of Javida. Jared represents ruby, so she wants him killed. But Aaliyah kills the old woman using her magic and saves both Jared and Aaron. One day a man named Hansel, comes to take Aaliyah to the king’s palace as King Ni wants her immediately. Aaliyah goes and she discusses with King Ni, a strategy to kill the present ruler of Jeneezia and end the war. Hansel, a Jeeneezian spy of the king of Jeneezia, rides to Jeneezia that night to tell the Jeneezian king the plan. Then he comes back to Javida and decides to kill Aaliyah. Meanwhile Sara gets a vision that Hansel is about to harm Aaliyah. So the jewel warriors go to the palace of King Ni just in time to save Aaliyah from Hansel. Suddenly a war breaks out. Aaliyah again kills the ruler of Jeneezia. Javida and Jeneezia come to peace at last.
Part I enjoyed the most: I enjoyed the part when the Jeneezians felt happy about the death of their cruel rulers in the battles.
There are three parts in the story:
1.    Sara’s prophecy
2.    The sacred ruby
3.    Aaliyah’s triumph

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Jeeves And The Feudal Spirit

Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit
Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Title: Jeeves And The Feudal Spirit
Author: P.G. Wodehouse
Main Characters: Florence, Bertie, Aunt Dahlia, Percy, Uncle Tom, Lord Sidcup, Mr. & Mrs. Trotter, Ma Trotter, Stilton and Jeeves
Description of one of the main characters: Lord Sidcup is very interested in old silver. He collects those like Uncle Tom. He is also an expert in jewellery. He had studied about diamonds and pearls. He is also called Roderick Spode. Uncle Tom shows Aunt Dahlia's pearl necklace to Sidcup to check whether it is original.
Whom I like and why: I like Jeeves very much. He is honest and loyal. He adjusts to awkward situations. He finds a way for Wooster's and Aunt Dahlia's problems. He is really intelligent and quick-witted.
Whom I dislike and why: I dislike Stilton as he is really annoying. He disturbs everyone in the Brinkley court, the residence of Aunt Dahlia and Uncle Tom. He often gets in to fights with Percy, Florence and Bertie.
Setting/Theme of the story: Aunt Dahlia tries to sell her magazine, The Milady's Boudoir, to L. G. Trotter and his family. Florence and Stilton come to the Brinkley court to stay with Aunt Dahlia. Uncle Tom does not like this company and calls Lord Sidcup to stay with him and discuss about jewels. Aunt Dahlia, to get more money, sells her pearl necklace in London. When Uncle Tom informs Aunt Dahlia that he will be asking Spode to look at the pearl necklace, she does not know what to do. If Uncle Tom comes to know that she had sold it, he would be mad with anger. So Aunt Dahlia seeks Jeeves's help. Jeeves asks her to hand over the necklace to Bertie Wooster and just pretend that the necklace is stolen. But the plan doesnt work as Spode arrives a little earlier than expected. Later, the pearl necklace is found with Ma Trotter who is always jealous of it. Uncle Tom gets it back from Ma Trotter and Aunt Dahlia is saved.  Aunt Dahlia somehow makes L. G. Trotter buy the magazine and after much thought he accepts. Everything settles down perfectly.
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The Mark of Athena

Drawing of Athena Parthenos
Drawing of Athena Parthenos (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Title: The Mark of Athena
Author: Rick Riordan
Main Characters: Annabeth, Leo, Percy, Jason, Piper, Frank, Hazel, Athena, Arachne, Aphrodite (Venus), Bacchus (Dionysus), Coach Hedge, Reyna, Octavian, Phorcys, Nemesis, Gaea, Ephilates, Otis, Chrysaor, Terminus, Nico and Keto.
Description of one of the main characters: Arachne was a weaver who claimed to have skills superior to Athena’s. This angered the goddess, who destroyed Arachne’s tapestry and loom. Arachne hung herself, and Athena brought her back to life as a spider. Arachne guards the Athena Parthenos, a giant statue of Athena, the most famous greek statue of all times. She gets tricked by Annabeth and falls deep into the Tartarus. But she pulls Annabeth and Percy also in with her.
Whom I like and why: I like Leo very much. He is very jolly. He is the son of Hephaestus. He knows everything about machines and machine parts. He can summon fire in his hand, being a son of Hephaestus. He makes Argo II, the fantastic ship which can both sail and fly and has Festus’s (a machine dragon made by Leo) bronze dragonhead as its figurehead. His ship was named after Argo, the ship used by a band of Greek heroes who accompanied Jason on his quest to find the golden fleece. Leo makes Argo II because they needn’t be in contact with Gaea (Earth), the mother of monsters. Leo loves Archimedes(a son of Hephaestus).
Whom I dislike and why: I dislike Phorcys, the old sea God. He was the sea God before Poseidon. He hates Percy, son of Poseidon. He captures Percy, Frank and Coach Hedge. But they manage to break out. Phorcys is very jealous of Poseidon. He supports Gaea. He is the son of Gaea.
Setting/theme of the story: Annabeth, Jason, Leo, Piper and Coach Hedge come to the Roman camp, Camp Jupiter, to reinforce peace between the Romans and Greeks, which had not been there for centuries. They make settlements with Reyna, a Roman, that the ship, Argo II wouldn’t land and that Leo would stay up in the ship to see to that nothing goes wrong. They go to see New Rome and Annabeth meets Percy at last. Just when everything was going smoothly, the Roman camp is attacked by Leo from Argo II. All the Romans panic. Annabeth, Percy, Jason, and Piper do not understand what is happening. They can’t believe Leo had done something to spoil their plan. They can’t stay in Camp Jupiter anymore, so they go back to Argo II with Percy’s two Roman friends, Hazel and Frank. They quickly sail away from the Roman camp. Leo tells the others that he wasn’t himself and didn’t know that he was attacking the Romans. Using her charm-speak  Piper finds that Leo had been possessed by the eidolons, possessing spirits. They continue the journey but at one point Leo tells his friends that he needs coal and celestial bronze. Leo and Hazel meet Nemesis, goddess of revenge. She tells them that Nico, Hazel’s brother is in trouble. Hazel decides to somehow save him. They go in search of the giant twins, Ephilates and Otis. Meanwhile Athena gives Annabeth a coin to follow the Mark of Athena and find the Athena Parthenos. Annabeth goes alone and finds herself alone with her worst enemy, Arachne. She somehow flatters Arachne and asks her to do a Chinese handcuff model using all her silk. Arachne accepts and does the Chinese handcuff. Annabeth says that there is a flaw inside and asks Arachne to go in and see for herself. Arachne gets struck. Annabeth had made Arachne weave her own trap. Just then, Arachne breaks the news that they will fall into the Tartarus if the floor gives away. At that time Argo II appears with Nico in it. Nico had been saved. Percy and Jason had defeated Ephilates and Otis with the help of Bacchus, the God of wine. They safely transport the Athena Parthenos to the ship. But they are too late to save Annabeth. Arachne pulls Annabeth into Tartarus and trying to save her, Percy also falls into the Tartarus. He asks Nico to meet him in Epirus, the door of death from the mortal side. Leo, Jason, Piper, Frank, Hazel and Nico prepare to go to Epirus. They decide save Percy and Annabeth.
Part I enjoyed the most: I enjoyed the part where Annabeth falsely tells that Arachne’s weavings shall be displayed in Olympus and tricks her to make her own trap. A chinese handcuff tightens when you try two move out of it. So after Arachne goes in and when she tries to come out, it tightens and she gets struck.

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Saturday, December 15, 2012

A King’s Ransom: Cahills VS Vespers

The 39 Clues
The 39 Clues (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Title: A King’s Ransom
Author: Jude Watson.
Main Characters: Amy, Dan, Nellie, Ian, McIntyre, Natalie, Aliaster Oh, Hamilton, Jonah, The Holts, Vesper One, Casper, Cheyenne, Evan, Atticus, Jake, Erasmus.
Description of one of the main characters:
McIntyre is lawyer. He was the layer and friend of Grace Cahill. He is kind and helps Amy and Dan in saving the Cahill members from the Vespers. In the last, he dies as someone strikes him with a poisonous needle.
Whom I like and why: I like Evan as he helps Amy and Dan when Casper and Cheyenne lack Amy and Dan in a room and reduce the oxygen level slowly to 4%. Evan saves them by unlocking the room at the right time.
Whom I dislike and why: I dislike Casper and Cheyenne as they always try to kill Amy and Dan. They are selfinsh and cunning. They are Vespers. They want to get a good name from Vesper one.
Setting/theme of the story: Amy and Dan try to steal a map for the Vespers, who threaten to kill the seven members of the Cahill family taken as hostages. No one has seen the map for half a century! They find the map with the help of Atticus and Jake. But Casper and Cheyenne kidnap Atticus. Now Amy and Dan have to follow the Nazis and go to mad King’s castle.
Part I enjoyed the most: I enjoyed the part when Amy and Dan escape from the auction room, where the map was first found before 50 years.
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39 clues: Strom Warning

Storm Warning (The 39 Clues)
Storm Warning (The 39 Clues) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Title: 39 clues: Strom Warning
Author: Linda Sue Park
Main Characters: Amy Cahill, Dan Cahill, Nellie Gomez, Alistair Oh, Ian Kabra, Natalie Kabra, Isabel Kabra, Cora Wizard, Jonah Wizard, McIntyre, Fiske, Hamilton Holt, Eisenhower Holt, Mary-Todd Holt, Reagan Holt, Madison Holt and Bae Oh.
Description Of One Of The Main Characters: Bae Oh is the head of Ekatrina brach (shortly called Ekat). He is a cruel man. He is the uncle of Alistair Oh. He killed Alistair Oh’s father as he wanted himself to become the head of Ekat branch and not Alistair Oh’s father. He is a very old man and is very cunning.
Whom I Like And Why: I like Amy Cahill very much. She is a fourteen year old girl. She is very intelligent and smart. She loves to read books. She loves libraries and museums very much. She has a younger brother named Daniel.
Whom I Dislike And Why:I dislike Eisenhower Holt. He is a Tomas. He is big and bulky. He is very strong. He is stupid and doesn’t know to think properly at all.
Setting/Theme Of The Story:Amy and Dan follow their ancestor Anne Bonny who was pirate. They travel to Bahamas and Jamaica is search of clues. They ask a guy named Lester to hire them a box which has the symbols of the Cahill branches. But the guy, Lester, dies because of Isabel Kabra as she pushes him into a quicksand. But Nellie starts behaving suspiciously. Nellie drives them to a man in black – the man Amy and Dan Cahill fear most. He explains to them that Madrigals aren’t bad but only that they try to unite all four branches who are constantly fighting for leads to the main clue. They come to know that Nellie had been prepared to help Amy and Dan. Nellie is also given an ‘ACTIVE MADRIGAL CARD’ even if she isn’t a Cahill.
Part I Enjoyed The Most: I enjoyed the part when Fiske, the man in black tells Amy, Dan and Nellie the truth about the Madrigals.

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Big Money

1st US edition
1st US edition (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Title: Big Money 
Author: P.G.Wodehouse
Main Characters: Berry Conway, T.Paterson Frisby, Ann Moon, Kitchie, Biscuit (Lord Biskerton), Mrs. Wisdom, Aunt Vera (Lady Vera)
Description Of One Of The Main Characters: Lord Biskerton, well known to his friends as Biscuit is a very poor man. He owns nothing but a titile – Lord Biskerton. He is very kind. He is the vest friend of Berry Conway.
Whom I Like And Why: I like Berry Conway very much. He is the secretary of T.Paterson Frisby. He lives in the outskirts of the city as he is very poor. He possessed only a duel copper mine. He lives with his old nurse, Mrs. Wisdom.
Whom I Dislike And Why: I dislike Aunt Vera as she always talks ill about Berry Conway. She calls him a liar. She is the aunt of Biscuit – Lord Biskerton.
Setting/Theme Of The Story: Berry Conway works under T.Paterson Frisby as his secretary. He is very poor. T.Paterson’s niece Ann Moon comes to London for a holiday. T.Paterson Frisby needed a guide to show her the places in England/London. He asks Berry if he knows someone who can act as a guide. Kind Berry knows that Biscuit is very poor and gives this chance to Aunt Vera. Frisby was ready to give a lot of money. Aunt Vera accepts. There is some problem, suddenly, between Frisby and his company partner Mr.Hoke. meanwhile Ann Moon falls in love with Berry Conway and they both get engaged. Aunt Vera, who is planning to marry Biskerton to Ann so that Biscuit inherits the money, was shocked by the news. But Biscuit gets engaged to Kitchie, his neighbour. As Berry is very poor, the try to tempt him with money. So, Mr.Frisby’s lawyer signs a cheque of £2000 to be given to Berry Conway on the condition that he breaks his engagement with Ann Moon. Berry Conway, who knows nothing about all this, is in his room. His friend Biscuit, wants to talk to him, but Berry doesn’t reply, so Biscuit thinks  Berry has gone out somewhere and sits on the doorstep waiting for him. At that time, Frisby’s lawyer comes with the cheque and thinks Biscuit is Berry. So, he asks if he wants £2000 on the condition that he leaves Ann Moon. Biscuit, who doesn’t own a single penny accepts it readily. Suddenly Mr.Hoke and his friend comes out from somewhere with a gun. At last Berry tackles both of them and hands them over to the police. Biscuit gives the £2000 cheque to Berry, a kind deed, and apologizes for accepting the cheque without his permission. But now, Berry is rich! He has big money!
Part I Enjoyed The Most: I enjoyed two parts. One was when Mrs. Wisdom, the old nurse of Berry Conway calls up Mr.Frisby’s office to ensure that Berry is wearing his warm wollies! Second, is when Berry lies that he is a secret agent, working for the secret service, to Ann Moon.

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