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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Famous Five : Five Get Into Trouble


Title : Famous Five : Five Get Into Trouble

Author : Enid Blyton

Main Characters : Anne, Dick, George, Julian, Timmy, Richard Kent, Aggie, Hunchy, Mr. Perton, Rooky and Weston

Description of one of the main characters : Aggie is a poor, miserable and scared old woman. She takes care of Mr. Perton’s house. She is very kind with the four children and the dog. She works under Hunchy, a hunch back and short-tempered man. She is the cook and the maid.   

Whom I like and Why : I like Anne as she is kind and brave. She sometimes gets scared. She is helpful. She is one of the Famous Five. I like Timmy as he is clever. He knows what to do, where the children are and everything else. He can carry messages. He too is one of the Five.

Whom I dislike and Why : I dislike Mr. Perton. He helps the thieves to change their prison clothes. He arranges for escapes. He hides them safely in the secret sliding room. He sends them safe abroad. He earns a lot of profit through these activities. He does a very cunning job.

Setting/Theme of the story : The Famous Five plan to go on a cycling tour on their own. On their way, they meet Richard Kent, a rich boy. Richard tells a lie to The Famous Five and comes with them to the cycling tour. He lies that he would go to his aunt’s house which is in Middlecombe Woods. They drop him and ride away. After some time, Richard comes running and yelling in his top voice. He tells Julian that some men are after him. Meanwhile, the chasing men think that Dick is Richard and kidnap Dick. They kidnap Dick because Dick is short for Richard and the kidnappers think Dick is trying to fool them. So they drag Dick to Owl’s Dene in Owl’s hill. The Famous Five find secrets and save Dick. Richard goes and calls the police. The police hand-cuff the thieves and kidnappers including Mr. Perton, Weston, Rooky and the others. Aggie and Hunchy are no more slaves. They thank the four children. Julian scolds Richard for his foolishness of telling lies. Their cycling tour is unfinished but they had a wonderful adventure.   

The Part I enjoyed the most : I enjoyed the part when Julian found Weston snoring in the secret sliding room when he was exploring. The secret sliding room is in the study room.

A different ending : Julian goes to the police station to tell the police the whole adventure properly. He thank the police for saving them from the ruffians. He tells that they got into a trouble just because of the lies foolish Richard Kent told them. Anne, Dick, George, Julian and Timmy go home excited and tired.


  1. Thank you so much for posting this short summary of five get into trouble. I love this book.

  2. Hello Madam can you please explain who is hunchy


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