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Monday, January 20, 2020

A to Z: On How To Create A Sustainable Change

Image from Sustainability Illustrated

Apple fell on Newton's head, and then suddenly we all realized the concept of gravity. 
But, gravity had always existed, and continued to exist. 
Can we draw a parallel, and say that be it discoveries or imagination it always derives its source from what already exists? 
Do you think humans have the capability to create something that in no way existed before? 
Every object we know, though the object might have been new at some point, is made up of stuff that we know and exists. 
For instance, let's consider the creature of imagination: unicorns. 
Given the fact that we know of the existence of horns and horses, we pieced together two elements that exist to imagine something that doesn't. 
How and what, then, do we pride ourselves to have discovered?
Is the various combinations, of what already exists that we piece together, something to feel accomplished about?
Just a few seconds of thought is enough to realize that humans can just shape what is given to them, and not create anything novel. 
Knowing this, is it fair for us to deplete the resources that we have?
Life would come to a standstill, if the resources we have are not used effectively.
Mankind is an intelligent species, and such intelligence is a double-edged sword. 
Not so long ago, our ancestors seemed to have lived in a world that was replete with resources, and within the short time, we have managed to cause exponential depletion in the name of development.
Our duty, as responsible citizens of, I will not say the world, our own locality, is to make sure that our neighbourhood understands the impacts of irresponsible behaviour, and starts to pay heed to the environment and its resources.
Panacea to this ill is to use the well known principle of 5 R's.
Question your neighbourbood on their practices, and promote small changes for a better future.
Refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, and rot- all possible products in your neighbourhood.
Stay within your neighbourbood, that's where you can effect a change and actually contribute. 
To help the world, you first need to help yourself, so don't just preach sustainability, you also need to follow it.
Unless every neighbourhood feels the need to change, and also implements change at small levels, there is no way a change can be seen at a city level even, forget the world level.
Very effective ways to help people get into the groove of the 5 R's of sustainability is to start them at schools, work spaces, hotels, restaurants, where there is a lot of scope to do so. 
Where there is a will, there is a way, after all. 
Xerox of documents and unnecessary printouts can be avoided in today's world of technology, so do it only when necessary. 
You need to be the change you want to see.
Zeal is all that is required!

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