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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Universe Of Sound : A Unique Music Festival

The annual offering, from MusicUniv"The Universe of Sound" is being held at Sivagami Petachi Auditorium on 17th, 18th and 19th December 2011 from 9 AM - 12 Noon each day featuring some of the top artists in India. Entry is free.
The idea behind The Universe of Sound was to encourage a dialogue between artists and audiences. The three basic concepts of music – melody, rhythm and harmony serve as cornerstones for the discussion, guiding the performances and discussions on each day. Accordingly, we have Shubha Mudgal performing and explaining the concept of melody, Eastern Flowers, a German ensemble performing and demonstrating the concept of musical harmony and the iconic Dr Vyjayantimala Bali guiding us through the complexities of rhythm.
I participated in a group song today for the topic Harmony. It was by the students of PSBBKKN and LadyAndal Schools. We sang "Vande Meenakshi" by Muthuswami Dikshitar
My mother got confused when it was announced as "Shyamaley Meenakshi". I explained to my mom that both these songs had "Meenakshi" in them and both were composed by Muthuswami Dikshitar. 
Feel free to See, Listen and Comment on the video. Happy Hearing the Harmony.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

Title: The chronicles of Narnia : Prince Caspian

Author: C.S. Lewis

Main Characters: Dryads, Prince Caspian, Edmund, Lucy, Peter, Susan, Aslan, Hamadryads, Trumpkin, Trufflehunter, Miraz and Dr. Cornelius

Description of One of the Main Characters: Dryads are trees which can dance and sing. They can also speak. They are the tallest trees in Narnia. They are very helpful during the war against Miraz. The old coward Miraz is afraid of tall trees. Hamadryads are brothers of Dryads. They are not so tall as the Dryads but as brave as them.

Whom I like and Why: I like Trumpkin as he is a wise dwarf. He is loyal to the High King Peter. He believes is Aslan, The Great Lion Of Narnia. He is brave and daring. Trumpkin is a old, true Narnian. His family has lived in Narnia for years unlike Prince Caspian.

Whom I dislike and Why: I dislike Trufflehunter as he is a traitor. He always speaks great about the White Witch. He says that Aslan doesn't give any respect to dwarfs. He neither believes in Aslan or the High Kings of Narnia.

Setting/Theme of the Story: Prince Caspian, the new nephew of King Miraz runs away from the castle as Miraz and his wife plan to kill him. He has a tutor named Dr. Cornelius who also lives in the castle. His tutor was a half-dwarf and an old Narnian. Prince Caspian faints half-way during his escape from the castle. When he opens his eyes he finds himself with fauns, centaurs and badgers. He meets Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy. He meets all the old Narnians who still live in Narnia. They all wage a war against Miraz and win. Prince Caspian becomes the new King of Narnia and further North. Aslan forms a door in the air and sends back Lucy, Peter, Edmund and Susan to their own land. They are really happy to visit Narnia once again.

Part I enjoyed the most: I enjoyed the part when Prince Caspian defeats his uncle and saves Old Narnia.

Different Ending: Uncle Miraz was sent to Archeland’s great dungeon by Caspian to get rid of all the evil thoughts and become a new good man who is loyal. Caspian and the others rule the land wisely.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Une Conversation en Français

Pauline: Salut Dennis! Comment ça va?
Dennis: Ça va bien, merci.
Pauline: J'aime la couleur rouge. Et toi?
Dennis: J'aime la couleur brune. Je deteste rouge.
Pauline: Des quelle couleur sont les maisons?
Dennis: Les maisons sont bleu.
Pauline: Où habites-tu?
Dennis: J'habite à Paris. Et toi?
Pauline: Moi aussi. J'habite à Paris.
De nnis: Tu aimes Harry Potter?
Pauline: Oui, j'aime Harry Potter.
Dennis: Quelle age à tu?
Pauline: J'ai onze ans. Et toi?
Dennis: J'ai douze ans. Je suis élève à l'école français. Et toi?
Pauline: Je suis élève à l'école anglais.
Dennis: Quelle heure est-il?
Pauline: I'll est huit heure cinq.
Dennis: Tu aimes la goyave?
Pauline: Non, je deteste la goyave.
Dennis: Tu aimes cricket?
Pauline: Oui, j'aime cricket.
Dennis: Au revoir, Pauline.
Pauline: Au revoir. À bien tôt.

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Phoenix And The Carpet

Title: The Phoenix And The Carpet
Author: E Nesbit
Main Characters: Cyril, Anthea, Robert, Jane, The High Priest, Mother and Phoenix
Description of one of the main Characters: The High Priest is the head of the Phoenix Fire Office. He sings songs in praise of the Phoenix such as:

"O Golden Phoenix, fairest bird
The whole great bird has often heard
Of all the splendid things we do
Great Phoenix just to honour you."

Whom I like and Why: I like the Phoenix because it always sings a poem or a verse about itself. This Phoenix can talk and it has magical powers. It tells the four children about the magical carpet which can take you to different places.
Whom I dislike and Why: I don't dislike anybody in the story as everybody play a good part in it.
Setting/Theme of the story: Anthea, Robert, Jane and Cyril find out that a Phoenix has hatched in their house. They also find out that the Phoenix can talk. It is much more surprising for the children when the Phoenix reveals that there is a magical carpet in their house and accompanies them in a series adventure they have with the carpet which can take anyone anywhere they want three times a day.
Part I enjoyed the most: I like the part where the children become invisible but see their baby brother and their mother using the help of the magical carpet.
Different Ending: The Phoenix burns itself and starts sleeping inside its new egg. The capet is being sold by the chidren's mother in the market as she feels that her children get stupid dreams. All are back to normal once again.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

How to chat faster

This is a post that I am publishing through blogger app from my dad's android. My dad uses a lot of acronyms when he is chatting. Some examples are :

TTYL -  talk to you later
OMG -  oh my god
TGIF -  thank god its Friday
BTW -  by the way
FYI.  -  for your information
LOL  -  laughs out loud
ROFL -  rolling on the floor laughing

This is how we can chat faster with friends!

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Cover of "MATILDA"

Cover of MATILDA

Title : Matilda

Author : Roald Dahl

Main Characters : Matilda, Michael, Ms. Honey, Mr.& Mrs. Wormwood, Ms. Trunchbull, Amanda Thripp and Lavender.

Description Of One Of The Main Characters : Ms. Trunchbull is the head-mistress of the school in which Matilda studies. She is very rough and dangerous. She doesn't like small girls. She is stupid. She always says that she has never been a small kid just because she doesn't like them.

Whom I like and Why : I like Lavender as she once put a newt inside the water jug of Ms. Trunchbull when she was teaching a lesson. She is really brave and intelligent. She is Matilda’s best friend.

Whom I dislike and Why : I dislike Mr. & Mrs. Wormwood, the parents of Matilda. They don't encourage her. They don't get Matilda any books to read as that is what Matilda loves to do. Mr. Wormwood is a stupid owner of a car shop. He sells stolen cars to people telling them it is a second-hand car got from a rich person. The Wormwoods always scold her for nothing. They are not very intelligent. Mrs. Wormwood loves to apply make-up and go to play bingo with her friends.

Setting/Theme Of The Story : Matilda is a genius but she has stupid parents who do not encourage her. They do not even know Matilda is intelligent. They keep scolding her always. Once when she answers a big arithmetic problem at once, Mr. Wormwood says she is a cheat and that she has seen the answers. But Matilda is fortunate to get a lovely class-teacher named Ms. Honey. Ms. Honey starts encouraging Matilda to learn more and more. Ms. Honey finds that Matilda can understand her feelings and starts saying it to the small girl. Matilda has a very unique power to lift, push, move anything using her eyes and high concentration. The problem of Ms. Honey is that her aunt Ms. Trunchbull has the house and money of Honey’s father which rightfully has to come to Ms. Honey. Of course, Matilda knows that Ms. Trunchbull is called Agatha and Ms. Honey’s father is called Magnus. Matilda also knows that everyone calls Ms. Honey as Jenny. So when Trunchbull comes to Matilda’s class to test their knowledge she slowly lifts the chalk using her eye-power and starts writing on the black board :

Agatha, this is Magnus.

It is Magnus.

You would better believe it.

Agatha, give my Jenny

back her house.

Then get out of here.

If you don't, I will come and get you.

Like you got me.

I am watching you, Agatha.

Well, Ms. Trunchbull is terrified and she faints. Matilda is smiling. Trunchbull runs out of the city afraid that Magnus would return. Now Ms. Honey has the house and the money. Mr. & Mrs. Wormwood suddenly want to shift to another country. Matilda does not want to go. She stays with Ms. Honey forever. However, her parents are happy that there is one less for them to take care of. But Matilda’s brother is really sad to leave his sister. They all are happy.

Part I Enjoyed The most : I enjoyed the part when Trunchbull throws  a girl because she wears pig-tails. She did it so to show her dislike of pig-tails.

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

If You Go To Hogwarts…

Come all the way,

To learn the witchy way!!!

Come to lovely Hogwarts,

To learn from Professor Lockharts!!!

Dark Arts and Divination,

Its a nice combination!!!

The good headmaster Dumbledore,

Has showed your way through the magical door!!!

Enjoy it, you will surely,

As it is magic purely!!!

You will like transfiguration,

But you need some concentration!!!

You will learn potions,

And learn to make magical lotions!!!

Enjoy yourself and all the best,

Good luck and do your best!!!

by Priyanka and Sandhya.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

YOCee : My Post- Find your favourite book at Eloor

Welcome to YOCee – a kids’ community website, created by children, for children of Chennai!

In short, YOCee – Youth Of Chennai, energetic and enthusiastic – is the hub for the young people of Chennai

My first post as a student reporter with YOCee appeared here: http://yocee.in/author/sandhya/

Happy Reading!!!

Thank You, Jeeves

Thank You, Jeeves
Image via Wikipedia
Title : Thank You, Jeeves
Author : P. G. Wodehouse
Main Characters : Jeeves, Bertie Wooster, Pauline Stroker, Mr. Stroker, Chuffy and Lady Chuffnell
Description Of One Of The Main Characters : Mr. Stroker is very strict and thinks Woosters are very unkind. He is really formidable. He is the father of Pauline Stroker.
Whom I like and Why : I like Jeeves as he is an intelligent and active valet. He is honest and sincere in his work. First, he works for Bertie but later he resigns as he doesnt like the Banjo.
Whom I dislike and Why : I dislike Lady Chuffnell as she always gives wrong opinion and keeps adding fuel to the fire. She is selfish and careless. She acts as if she can solve anything.
Setting/Theme Of The Story : Jeeves is a very intelligent and honest valet who works for Bertie. But as Bertie doesnt stop playing his Banjo, Jeeves resigns over him. Bertie is invited by his school friend, Chuffy, to stay with him. But when Bertie goes there he finds Pauline Stroker and her formidable father Mr. Stroker. Bertie also finds out that Chuffy has employed Jeeves. He stays in a hut given by Chuffy near the shore and The Chuffnell Hall. After a few days he finds out through Jeeves that his old friend Chuffy has fallen in love with Pauline. As Pauline talked with Bertie often regarding this, Mr. Stroker thinks that Pauline wants to marry Bertie. So Mr. Stroker decides to get Bertie married to Pauline. Meanwhile, Bertie’s newly employed valet Brinkley burns the hut by mistake and Bertie’s favourite instrument is gone. At that time, Mr. Stroker invites Bertie to stay with them. And as Bertie goes there, he finds out that he is going to be engaged to Pauline. He needs the help of Jeeves. Of course, Jeeves has a brilliant idea. Jeeves applies black soot on Bertie’s face and sends him on a boat back to the shore in disguise with a troop of musicians. Meanwhile, Pauline tells her father that she wants to marry Chuffy and not Bertie. Mr. Stroker seems to be really happy by the change in his daughter and they both get married. Jeeves does not want to work for Chuffy anymore and comes back to the employment of Bertie now that the Banjo is gone. That is when Bertie says, “Thank You, Jeeves”.
Part I Enjoyed The most : I like the part when Jeeves helps Bertie escape from Mr. Stroker.
A few Quotes for you to enjoy :
Well, if that was the attitude he was proposing to adopt, well,
I mean to say. My geniality waned. I drew myself up coldly, at the
same time raising a stiff eyebrow. And I was just about to work
off the old To-what-am-I-indebted-for-this-visit gag, when he
chipped in ahead of me.
`You ought to be certified!'
`I beg your pardon?'
`You're a public menace. For weeks, it appears, you have been
making life a hell for all your neighbours with some hideous
musical instrument. I see you have it with you now. How dare
you play that thing in a respectable block of flats? Infernal din!'
I remained cool and dignified.
`Did you say infernal din?'
`I did.'
`Oh? Well, let me tell you that the man that hath no music in
himself . . . ' I stepped to the door. `Jeeves,' I called down the
passage, `what was it Shakespeare said the man who hadn't
music in himself was fit for?'
`Treasons, stratagems, and spoils, sir.'
`Thank you, Jeeves. Is fit for treasons, stratagems, and spoils,'
I said, returning.
He danced a step or two.
`In that case, I fear I must give my notice.'
There was a tense silence. I stared at the man.
`Jeeves,' I said, and you wouldn't be far out in describing me as
stunned, `did I hear you correctly?'
`Yes, sir.'
`You actually contemplate leaving my entourage?'
`Only with the greatest reluctance, sir. But if it is your inten-
tion to play that instrument within the narrow confines of a
country cottage . . . '
I drew myself up.
`You say ªthat instrumentº, Jeeves. And you say it in an
unpleasant, soupy voice. Am I to understand that you dislike
this banjolele?'
`Yes, sir.'
`You've stood it all right up to now.'
`With grave difficulty, sir.'
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Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Chronicles of Narnia : The Horse And His Boy

First edition

Image via Wikipedia

Title : The Chronicles of Narnia : The Horse And His Boy

Author : C.S. Lewis

Main Characters : King Peter, Queen Susan, King Edmund, Queen Lucy, Shasta, Aravis, Bree, Hwin, Aslan, King Lune, Prince Corin and Rabadash.

Description Of One Of The Main Characters : King Lune is the king of Archeland, the neighbouring country of Narnia. He has two sons, Cor and Corin. He realises that his son Cor is actually Shasta and that is why he has been away from his son for many years. Cor and Corin are twins. They look alike.

Whom I like and Why : I like Shasta or Cor as he is brave. His horse’s name is Bree. Of course, it is a talking horse from Narnia. He doesn’t know that he is the son of the king of Archeland but he realises in the end. He once saves Aravis from a lion. He saves Archeland from Rabadash and also his two horses.

Whom I dislike and Why : I dislike Rabadash as he is very cruel. He is a Calormen. He doesn’t know anything about magic. He wages a war against the king of Archeland but fails to win because Shasta informs them. The two hundred horses of Rabadash and their men flee for their life as king Edmund and Peter fight all of them bravely. At last Rabadash is turned into a donkey because he didn’t want to apologize to the High King Peter.

Setting/Theme Of The Story : A boy called Shasta and talking horse Bree escape from their masters and make their way to Narnia and further north. In their way, they find a girl named Aravis and her talking horse Hwin going to Narnia too. So they decide to go to Narnia together from Taashbaan. They meet lions and cross the deserts. They are also given another work to inform King Lune about Rabadash and his two hundred horses coming to wage a war by the priest they meet on their way. At last Shasta goes and tells King Lune about Rabadash and King Lune wins the battle. Aslan, the great Lion, tells King Lune that Shasta is actually Cor and the twin brother of Corin. King Lune is very happy and makes Cor the King of Archeland.

Part I Enjoyed The most : I enjoyed the part when Rabadash becomes a donkey and could not speak anything even if he wanted to apologize then. He just could bray.

Different Ending : Aravis goes back to the desert and starts her own country Aravia. She rules wisely. Aslan gives her the parts further south. All are happy once again.

The Chronicles of Narnia : The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe

Pauline Baynes

Image via Wikipedia

Title : The Chronicles of Narnia : The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe

Author : C. S. Lewis

Main Characters : Lucy, Peter, Susan, Edmund, Mr. Tumnus, Aslan, White Witch and Mr. & Mrs.  Beaver

Description Of One Of The Main Characters : Mr. Tumnus is a faun who works for the White Witch. But he is very kind unlike her. His work is to kidnap any girl in Narnia. When Lucy, the daughter of Eve, meets him, he warns her never to come to Narnia. He is turned into stone by the White Witch for not bringing Lucy to her.

Whom I like and Why : I like Aslan. He is the king of Narnia. He kills the White Witch of the North in the end. He makes the four children, Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy, as the kings and queens of Narnia. He is the son of the wind beyond the river.

Whom I dislike and Why : I dislike Edmund as he goes to the Witch’s castle and gets into trouble. He tells the Queen about the faun Tumnus. He leads everybody into trouble.

Setting/Theme Of The Story : Four Children named Lucy, Peter, Susan and Edmund, go into a wardrobe and find themselves in a totally different world called Narnia. They become friends with the faun Tumnus and also with the Beavers. Suddenly Edmund runs away to the White Witch and tells her all about Aslan, The Great Lion, returning to Narnia and about his brother and sisters. Aslan returns back to Narnia. He saves Edmund and brings him back to the three children. He is killed by the White Witch for saving Edmund. But there is darker magic than what the White Witch knows and Aslan comes back alive. He kills the White Witch and makes the four children kings and queens of Narnia. The children rule the land with the help of Aslan. It is all peaceful and happy.

Part I Enjoyed The most : I enjoyed the part when Aslan brings back all the fauns, centaurs and other creatures who have been turned into stone by the wicked Witch in her castle.

Different Ending : Aslan declares to go back to his land beyond the world. He also gives Peter, the High King of Narnia, the territories of Narnia and further north. They all live happily ever after.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Chronicles Of Narnia : The Magician’s Nephew

Title :  The Chronicles Of Narnia : The Magician’s Nephew 

Author : C.S. Lewis

Main Characters : Polly, Digory, Unlce Andrew, Aunt Letty, Mrs. Kirke, Queen Jadis, Aslan, Strawberry and Cabman

Description Of One Of The Main Characters : Uncle Andrew is a stupid magician. He discovers how to go to other magical worlds. He is very selfish. He once works for Queen Jadis. He is coward. He sends a little girl named Polly to another world to check whether his magic works. At last, due to Aslan’s magic powers uncle Andrew becomes a tree in Narnia.

Whom I like and Why : I like Aunt Letty as she is very brave. She is Digory’s aunt. She takes care of Mrs. Kirke, Digory’s mother. She is very kind to Polly and Digory. When the stupid queen Jadis tries to rule the world of men, Aunt Letty stops her from doing so.

Whom I dislike and Why : I dislike queen Jadis as she is cunning and cruel. She thinks that Digory’s uncle Andrew rules the world of men. She once uses the deplorable word. It is a word when used destroys everything in the world except the person who uses it. The stupid queen destroys her own world using the deplorable word.

Setting/Theme Of The Story : Polly and Digory are sent to the “Wood between the worlds” by uncle Andrew, a magician. When they go there, they come out of a pond. It is a place where there are many ponds each leading into a different world. Digory and Polly jump into a pond and find themselves in a city called Charn. There was only one living creature in Charn. It was the wicked witch queen Jadis. She comes to the world of men with Digory and Polly. She tries to rule the world of men but while doing so uncle Andrew, Polly, Digory, the Cabman and queen Jadis herself go into a beautiful world called Narnia. In this world, a magestic Lion is the ruler. The Lion’s name is Aslan. This is how Narnia is found. Digory becomes the son of Adam and Polly becomes the daughter of Eve. The Cabman and his wife become the first rulers of Narnia. Queen Jadis escapes further north which is full of icy mountains and establishes her own rule there. They all live happily.

Part I Enjoyed The most : I enjoyed the part when Digory and Polly ride on Strawberry, a winged horse. The winged horse can also understand and speak very well.

Different Ending : Digory becomes the second king of Narnia.  He defeats the white witch or queen Jadis. He has his own palace. Digory conquers all the worlds including the “Wood between the worlds”.

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Monday, July 11, 2011

The Wimpy Kid Movie Diary


The Wimpy Kid Movie Diary is a book which tells us how Gregory Heffley went Hollywood. The book is really funny. Zachary Gordan acts as Greg and Robert Capron acts as Rowley Jefferson. Thor is the director of the movie as he had lots of ideas for how to bring the book to the big screen.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows

Vector image of the symbol of the Deathly Hall...

Image via Wikipedia

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows                                                           

Title : Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows

Author : J.K.Rowling

Main Characters : Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley, Hermione Granger, Ginny Weasley, Fred Weasley, George Weasley, Mr. & Mrs. Weasley, Percy Weasley, Bill Weasley, Fleur Weasley, Remus Lupin, Tonks, Aberforth Dumbledore, Dean Thomas, Semus Finnigan, Hannah Abbot, Neville Longbottom, Mad-Eye Moody, Kingsley, Angelina Johnson, Alicia Spinnet, Oliver Wood, Katie Bell, Voldermort, Severus Snape, Minevra McGonagall, Flitwick, Slughorn, Mr. & Mrs. Dursley, Dudley, Draco Malfoy, Scrimgeor, Luna Lovegood, Mr. Ollivander, Griphook, Lavender Brown, Ernie Macmillan, Terry Boot, Anthony Goldstein, Michael Corner, Bellatrix, Narcissa Malfoy, Lucius Malfoy, Hestia Jones, Dedulus Diggle, Colin Creevy and Dennis Creevy.

Description of The Main Characters : Neville Longbottom is a brave boy studying in the seventh year in Hogwarts. He is the son of the great aurors whom Voldermort killed.

Percy Weasley is the third eldest son of the Weasley family. He is such a stupid but he realises his mistake of liking the ministry of magic.

Dean and Semus are two best friends who fight against Voldermort at the end of the year.

Alicia, Angelina and Katie are former Gryffindor players who played when Harry had. They join the Dumbledore’s Army(DA) formed by Harry and his friends. They come to fight Voldermort as they are in the DA.

Parvathi and Padma are Patil sisters from India. They are Harry’s classmates and come to help him to fight Voldermort.

Terry, Earnie, Anthony and Michael who usually oppose Harry come to fight the evil dark Lord Voldermort for him.

Whom I like and Why : I like Fred and George Weasley because they are jolly. George looses a ear when he fights against Voldermort. Fred dies in the attempt to disarm a kid from “Avada Kedavra” a killing curse.

Whom I dislike and Why : I hate Voldermort as he is the most evil creature on earth. Voldermort rips  his soul into seven parts and makes them into six horcruxes. He has the seventh part of his soul inside himself. He also takes some of Harry’s blood hoping it would be helpful. But it becomes a disadvantage for him when Voldermort and Harry fight at the end.

Setting/Theme Of The Story : Vernon Dursley, Pentunia Dursley and Dudley Dursley move away to a new house afraid that Voldermort may question them about Harry. They are afraid that Voldermort might kill them as he had killed Harry’s parents. Hestia and Dedulas escort them safely from Privet Drive to their new house. Harry meets his friends. Harry is overjoyed. But the happiness vanishes when he hears that all these people are going to risk their lives by drinking the Polyjuice potion and become six Potters. All the seven Potters are accompanied by some Auror. Mundungs and Mad-Eye, Mr. Weasley and Fred, George and Remus, Fleur and Bill, Hermione and Kingsley, Tonks and Ron, Harry and Hagrid are the seven pairs of Potters zooming in the sky in brooms and thestrals. But the idea does not work very well. In fact, Mad-Eye Moody dies and George looses one ear. Harry’s seventeenth birthday arrives. He is now an over-age wizard and all the security he had when he was young will leave him now. Harry with his friends Ron and Hermione sets off to their dangerous journey with the ambition of destroying all the horcruxes. Harry, indeed, destroys all the horcurxes and at last kills the dark Lord Voldermort himself. The wizarding world is very happy. No more thefts or murders. Only good news could be heard.

Part I Enjoyed The most : I enjoyed the part when Voldermort curses “Avada Kedavra” and Harry shouts “Expelliarmus” and the killing curse returns to Voldermort and destroys his last bit of soul inside him. It destroys Voldemort forever.

Different Ending : Instead of Harry, Ron kills Lord Voldermort. Harry is very happy that his friend has at last killed Voldermort. But now, Ron is the possessor of The Deathly Hallows as he defeats the person who last possessed it. Everyone is happy and safe from the evil and dark.

Note: With this post, I have finished Harry Potter series. It had been a great read.

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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince

Ministry of MagicTitle : Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince

Author : J.K. Rowling

Main Characters : Harry, Ron, Hermione, Hagrid, Dumbledore, McGonagall, Luna Lovegood, Lupin, Tonks, Mad-Eye Moody, Mrs. Weasley, Mr. Weasley, Voldermort, Snape, Percy, Ginny, Mr. Malfoy, Draco Malfoy, Dudley, Crabe, Goyle, Bill, Fleur, Scrimgeour, Slughorn, Mr. and Mrs. Dursley and Bellatrix.

Description Of One Of The Main Characters : Ginny is a brave girl. She, like Hermione, helps Harry many times. She is Ron’s younger sister. She fights with the death-eaters to save Hogwarts with great aurors. She is very good in her studies. She can do spectacular non-verbal spells. She is good at stunning and jinxing.

Whom I like and Why : I like Ron as he is loyal to Harry. He says that he would come with Harry for the hunt for four more horcruxes. He sometimes gets brilliant ideas. He is known for not following school rules. Hermione has to force him to study because he never concentrates in his studies.

Whom I dislike and Why : I dislike Draco Malfoy as he accepted to do Voldermort a help by killing Dumbledore. He succeeds in doing it. He is very arrogant. He tries to kill two of Hogwarts students. He calls Hermione a mudblood.

Setting/Theme Of The Story : As the death-eaters and Voldermort has returned to power there are many problems coming up. Murders and thefts are done by the death-eaters both in Muggle and the Wizarding world. Harry is safely brought to the Burrow, the house of the Weasley’s by Albus Dumbledore. Harry and his friends go to Hogwarts. Dumbledore tells Harry about Tom Riddle and ask Harry to get a memory from Prof. Sloughorn which will help Harry kill Voldermort. Harry is overjoyed when he showed Dumbledore the memory. Dumbledore tells Harry all about Horcruxes. Voldermort has six Horcruxes.  Harry has already found out two of them and he should destroy four more. After he destroys, he need to kill the one piece of soul which Voldermort has in his body. Dumbledore falls ill in the attempt to find one of the Horcruxes. Draco kills Dumbledore and many like Bill and Neville get injured. Snape helps Malfoy kill Dumbledore. Bellatrix also joins the death-eaters. Harry has to search for the other Horcruxes now that Dumbledore has died.

Where the Title comes from : Snape takes up Dark Arts and Sloughorn becomes a Potions teacher. Harry thinks that he will fail in Potions and does not buy the Potions book. But when he finds out that Sloughorn is willing to accept him for NEWT, he takes up the book of Half-Blood Prince. He is fascinated by the tricks of Half-Blood Prince and becomes No.1 in Potions. At the end, when Harry fights with Snape, he uses one of the stunning Spells of Half-Blood Prince. That is when Harry comes to know that Snape is the Half-Blood Prince because Snape’s father is a wizard and his mother is a Muggle. That is why the book is named as Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince.

Part I Enjoyed The most  : I like the part when Gryffindors wins Slytherins in The Final Quidditch match. 

Different Ending : Harry kills Voldermort. He is really amazing. Everybody stops calling him “The Chosen One”. Harry is really happy. He starts living with Lupin and Tonks in the Grimuald Palace instead being arrested in the Privet Drive with the Dursleys. 

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Friday, June 3, 2011

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

I got this book in Delhi Airport. The author is Jeff Kinney.

Gregory Heffley writes about all that happens at his school when he gets a diary presented by his mother. He has an elder brother named Roddick and a younger brother named Manny. He has also got a friend named Rowley Jefferson who is a patrol in the school. Rowley loves to play car games. He wins the class clown award for his Zoo-Wee Mama story. Greg’s mom does not scold anybody if they do any mischief. But will cancel all the fun they wanted to have in their holidays. Greg and Rowley get crazy ideas like starting a haunted house, but Rowley’s father does not allow them. Many other funny things happen which Greg has written in his diary.

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Harry Potter And The Order Of Phoenix

Coat of arms of Hogwarts, the fictional school...

Title : Harry Potter And The Order Of Phoenix

Author : J. K. Rowling

Main Characters : Harry, Ron, Hermione, Hagrid, Dumbledore, McGonagall, Luna Lovegood, Fred, George, Sirius, Lupin, Tonks, Mad-Eye Moody, Mrs. Weasley, Mr. Weasley, Voldermort, Umbridge, Fudge, Snape, Percy, Ginny, Mr. Malfoy, James, Lilly, Lee Jordan, Angelina Thomas, Draco Malfoy, Nevielle Longbottom and Dudley.

Description Of One Of The Main Characters :  Lee Jordan is a seventh year boy in Hogwarts. He is the best friend of Fred and George. Lee is also the Quidditch commentator. After his seventh year he joins in the joke shop “Weasleys’ Wizarding Wheezes” by Fred and George Weasley in Diagon Alley. With Fred and George he invents new things like Extendable Ears and Skiving Snack Boxes.

Whom I like and Why : I like Sirius Black as he is Harry’s Godfather and James Potter’s best friend. Sirius is brave, clever and an energetic man. Risk is always the fun for Sirius. Sirius dies in a battle when he fights Bellatrix to save Harry. Black is nicknamed as Padfoot by the people who know him. I also like Lupin as he likes Harry. Lupin is a werewolf. Every full moon night he changes in to a werewolf. That is why he is nicknamed as Moony. He is very good at Defence Against Dark Arts. He once taught Harry a patronus charm to defend a 100 Dementors at a time. He is the best Dark Arts teacher. The third person I like in Hogwarts is Dumbledore. Dumbledore thinks highly of Harry. He is the only one who believes Harry. Dumbledore always advises Harry wisely. He does not make Harry a Perfect thinking that it would add worry to Harry.   He is the most powerful wizard after Voldermort. Even Voldermort is afraid of Dumbledore. I like Hermione Granger as she is clever and brilliant. She is one of the best friends of Harry. She is very good studies except Divination. She helps Harry find each and every clue and helps him in every corner of trouble and danger. She helps Ron and Harry pass their OWLs in the fifth year.

Whom I dislike and Why  :  I dislike Umbridge as she is a friend of Fudge, the Minister of Magic. Umbridge is the Defence Against Dark Arts teacher. She is a really evil woman. She tries to sack every staff member in Hogwarts including Dumbledore. She bans all clubs and does not allow to play Quidditch but she could not do that as Dumbledore was very strict. She doesnt allow Harry, Fred and George to play Quidditch just because they stun Malfoy in the ground. She tries to expel Harry and all the Weasleys in all possible ways she can. She is the high inquisitor of Hogwarts. She thinks that she has all the rights given by Fudge to change Hogwarts school rules all by herself.

Setting/Theme Of The Story : During his holiday at Privet Drive, Harry Potter uses a Patronus Charm to stop two Dementors attack his unfriendly cousin Dudley. He is not supposed to use magic in Muggle areas especially when a Muggle is present. Cornelius Fudge tries to expel Harry from Hogwarts saying that he is the Minister of Magic. Harry seems to be miserable. During the holidays nobody has sent him any letters. Ron and Hermione tell him that they are very busy and cannot tell him anything. One day when the Dursleys are out, Tonks, Mad-Eye Moody, Lupin and a few others come to pick up Harry. Harry feels happy as he sees some known wizards after two months of a terrible holiday with the Dursleys. Harry is taken to Grimuald Palace. He finds out that this Palace is the home of his Godfather Sirius. There he meets Ron, Hermione, Ginny, George, Fred and Mrs. Weasley. Harry comes to know that Dumbledore has an order of Phoenix and Sirius’s house is their meeting place. Harry is saved from getting expelled as the ministry had no reason to expel him. Students of Hogwarts are allowed to use magic outside in the Muggle world to defend themselves from dangers. Harry, Ron, Hermione, Fred, George and Ginny board the Hogwarts express. When they reach Hogwarts they find themselves in the presence of a woman from the ministry named Umbridge. Umbridge is really terrible to them. She becomes the Dark Arts teacher and the high inquisitor of Hogwarts. She tries to bring in the ministry people into teaching for Hogwarts. She does not allow the students to take out their wands and practice Dark Arts. She does not teach Dark Arts. She just teaches what they learnt in their first year. She says the things they teach in fifth year at Hogwarts are very dangerous. She bans Harry, Fred and George from playing Quidditch. Harry starts getting dreams about Voldermort. Once he gets a dream like Voldermort was killing Ron’s father and that turns out to be true. Everybody thank Harry. One night Harry dreams that Voldermort is going to kill Sirius in the Ministry of Magic. He wants to save Sirius as Sirius is the only closest relation who can be trusted as he is James’s best friend. He tells Ron and Hermione. Hermione tells him that it cannot happen as Grimuald Palace is the safest place the Wizarding world can ever have. But Harry wants to go and see for himself. So Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Nevielle and Luna go to the Ministry using a magical horse. The horse can be seen only if someone has seen death. So they travel by horses and arrive at the Ministry. Soon Harry finds out that there is no Sirius trapped in the ancient room. This is only a trick from Voldermort to bring Harry here. Everybody sees the death eaters and they fight the death eaters to save Harry and themselves. To Harry’s surprise he sees Lupin, Tonks, Mad-Eye Moody and Sirius ready to fight. He understands that Voldermort has brought him here to get his birth prophecy. He sees Bellatrix take Sirius behind a curtain and kill him with the Crucio Charm. He runs behind Bellatrix shouting that he would kill her. They fight for a long time. Then Bellatrix asks Harry to give her his prophecy so that Voldermort will know whether he would kill Harry or not. But Harry has broken his prophecy when he is helping Nevielle. Nobody has heard the prediction of it. Voldermort is very angry. In the end, either Harry or Voldermort should kill the other. Nobody knows who would kill who. Harry is even more surprised to see Dumbledore there. Harry goes back to Hogwarts and writes his OWLs. He and Ron do the exams well. It is the end of his term. He completes his fifth year. When he departs from Hogwarts Express, to his joy, he meets Lupin, Bill and Mrs. Weasley. He goes back with unlce Vernon and aunt Pentunia to the old, dull Privet Drive to wait for his results in his room in the Attic. 

Part I Enjoyed The most : I like the part when Fred, George and Lee set up a Joke Shop. They say that they would give 50% offer to students who think ways to sack the Ministry.

Different Ending :  Harry and Sirius hear Harry’s Prophecy and find out that Harry will kill Voldermort. Sirius is overjoyed. They tell the others. All of them are happy except Voldermort and his worthless death eaters. When a danger was approaching Harry his wand shoots itself with some peculiar charm to save its master. Harry returns home after a nice fifth year. This holiday with the Dursleys seems to be better than the others. Harry and the others are really happy about this good year.

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Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire

Harry Potter and the Goblet of FireTitle :  Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire

Author :  J.K.Rowling

Main Characters :  Harry, Ron, Hermione, Albus Dumbledore, McGonagall, Hagrid, Severus Snape, Sirius Black, Arthur Weasley, Molly Weasley, Fred, George, Percy, Voldemort, Wormtail, James Potter, Lily Potter,  Mr.Crouch, Draco Malfoy and Mad-Eye-Moody

Description Of One Of The Main Characters :  Fred and George are very intelligent but still extremely naughty. They are very good Qidditch players too. They are in the Gryffindor Quidditch team.They once do a list of recipes which is needed to make magical sweets and named it “WEASLEYS’ WIZARDING WHEEZES”.Their family is not very rich. So they once tried to put their name into the goblet without Dumbledore noticing them. But they can never cheat Dumbledore’s eye.

Whom I like and Why : I like Fred and George as they do mischiefs. They often go to the kitchen and sneak some food to have a party at the Gryffindor common room. Once Fred and George gave Dudley, Harry’s cousin, a sweet which twists the tongue of the person who eats it.  The Weasleys’ ambition is to start a joke shop after their education at Hogwarts.

Whom I dislike and Why : I dislike Percy Weasley as he is very serious.Unlike his brothers Fred and George, he never breaks school rules. He is the head boy of the Gryffindors. He is not very kind to the Muggles. He is very arrogant.

Setting/Theme Of The Story : Harry spends a horrible time with the Dursleys. One morning Uncle Vernon gets a letter from Molly Weasley saying that Harry is invited to the Burrow to watch the Quidditch World Cup. Uncle Vernon accepts and Harry goes to the Burrow.While they finished seeing the World Cup and are ready to return, Harry, Ron, Hermione, Mr.Crouch and Mr. Weasley see the dark mark conjured. This means Voldemort has returned to power once again. But in Hogwarts there is an exciting news waiting for the students. The Triwizard Tournament is going to take place after many years. Ages 17 and above can take part in the contest. Dumbledore announces the winners of the goblet of fire. They are Fleur, Krum, Cedric and Harry. Harry is greatly surprised. He is not seventeen yet but has to take part in the contest as the goblet had chosen him. There are three rounds in the Triwizard Tournament. Harry completes his first and second round successfully. Then comes the last, best and the most difficult part of the tournament. The participants have to cross a  maze and get to the Triwizard Cup first. Without anybody noticing a false Mad-Eye Moody, really Mr.Crouch’s son and a death eater, turns the cup into a portkey. When Harry reaches first through the maze and touches the cup the portkey takes him to where Voldemort is. Cedric is dead. He is lying in the floor beside Harry and Voldemort is standing in front of him. Suddenly Harry’s wand shot itself and now James and Lily Potter are telling him something. Then Cedric is pleading Harry to take his body back to his parents. Voldemort has returned to power again. Harry dragged Cedric’s body touched the portkey and shouted “Hogwarts”. In a minute he was there at Hogwarts, Dumbledore looking tensed at him and Cedric lying dead in the Quidditch ground. From now on, Harry has to fight Lord Voldemort within a year to bring back Cedric to life. It was time for Harry to go back to the Privet Drive and live with the Dursleys. He had a good time in the train. He went back to his uncle’s house.

Part I Enjoyed The most : I enjoyed the part when Fred and George use the aging potion to make themselves look like 17 year olds and try to enroll themselves in the Triwizard tournament so that they can win a thousand galleons.

Different Ending : Harry and Cedric lift the cup in the air to show. They hear a lot of claps and cheers from the Gryffindor and Hufflepuff houses. The Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy has won the cup. Even Malfoy cannot help cheering for Harry. Gryffindors have a party and they also invite Dobby and Winky to join in their party. Harry has won a thousand galleons. Harry has a wonderful time in Hogwarts.

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Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban


Title: Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban

Author: J.K.Rowling

Main Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, McGonagall, Oliver Wood, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, James Potter, Lily Potter, Peter Pettigrew, Hagrid, Vernon Dursley, Pentunia Dursley, Dudley Dursley, Severus Snape, Fred , George, Fudge

Description Of One Of The Main Characters: Harry Potter is a good and extremely powerful wizard. He has a lightning like scar in his face. Voldemort kills Harry’s parents, James and Lily Potter, when Harry was a young child.

Whom I like and Why: I like Remus Lupin as he is always kind to the students and is noted as ‘The Best Teacher Of Defence Against Dark Arts’. He makes Harry understand that it is not Sirius who helped Voldemort kill James and Lily. But it is really Peter Pettigrew who acts as though he does not know anything and  puts the  blame on Sirius Black. Lupin also teaches Harry how to fight a hundred Dementors so that Harry can play Quidditch without their disturbance.

Whom I dislike and Why: I dislike Snape as he always wanted ‘Defence Against Dark Arts’ job. He hates Lupin, Harry, Ron and Hermione. He is very partial to Slytherin by giving off points for nothing and cheering them during the Quidditch match(a teacher is not supposed to support anyone house particularly). He is the potions master of Hogwarts.

Setting/Theme Of The Story: Harry Potter, after having the most terrible holidays with the Dursleys, starts his third year with best friends Ron and Hermione. A terrible man from the Azkaban has escaped. The atmosphere is tense. He hears everybody say that Sirius Black, the prisoner, is after him. Dementors, the guards of Azkaban, roam out in the castle of Hogwarts in the attempt to catch Sirius. Harry gets his Marauder’s Map as an early Christmas  gift from Fred and George. He comes to know that Sirius had once been James’s best friend. He also comes to know that Moony(Remus), Prongs(James), Padfoot(Sirius) and Wormtail(Peter) were best friends and they made Marauder’s Map when they were all young. Harry finally understands that Sirius is not the right prisoner of Azkaban and Peter Pettigrew , the real prisoner who ought to be in Azkaban has run away. Sirius thanks Harry as he saved Sirius from the Dementors performing their kiss. Harry comes to know that Sirius is his godfather. He returns back to No.4 Privet Drive with the Dursleys  who seemed to be horrified at the thought of Harry having a godfather. This looks like a better summer for Harry.

Part I Enjoyed The most: I enjoyed the part when Harry blows up Aunt Marge into a balloon. He escapes from the Dursleys and catches the Knight Bus to Diagon Alley.

Different Ending: Black is saved from the Dementors. Pettigrew is caught and the Dementors perform their kiss. Pettigrew still lives unaware of what is happening and not having any memory.He could no more support Voldemort. Harry starts staying with Sirius. All are happy that Sirius is no more in danger.

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Three Men In A Boat

Title: Three Men In A Boat

Author: Jerome.K.Jerome

Main Characters: Harris, George, Montmorency

Description Of One Of The Main Characters: Harris is the funniest of all three men and he is the only one who is not pleased with any work except his own. He misses the boat in the dark. H e once tries to cook for his friends using a sack full of  vegetables. He once falls into river Thames while cooking. He tries to speak in monotone forever.

Whom I like and Why: I like all the characters. The whole story is funny and all the three men play a very good part in it.

Setting/Theme Of The Story: Three unintelligible men decide to travel in a boat in search of rest and a change of scene.They head up to river Thames.They pass through the glinting barges, the wooded towpath and the trim-kept villas on either side. They fall inside the Thames and loose their boat many times in a day.They become tired. They realise life out on a boat is a far more appalling alternative for a change of scene.

Part I Enjoyed The most: I enjoyed the part when Harris is compared to Uncle Podger as he is ready to take the burden of everything himself and put it on the backs of other people. He says:

"Now, you get a bit of paper and write down, and you get the grocery catalougue, George, and somebody give me a bit of pencil, and then I will make out a list."

Different Ending: The three men think that life on a boat is always amusing. They start to go boating every weekend and find it easier than it had been. They get used. They are perfectly convinced about the amount of rest they get and the change of scenery. River Thames becomes their  favourite forever.

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Learning French: Weeks

The Week – Le Jours

Lundi – Monday

Mardi – Tuesday

Mecredi – Wednesday

Jeudi – Thursday

Vendredi – Friday

Samedi – Saturday

Dimanche – Sunday

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Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
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Title :   Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets
Author : J.K.Rowling
Main Characters : Harry, Ron, Hermione, McGonagoll, Dumbledore, Snape, Voldemort, Ginny, Lockhart, Mr. and Mrs. Dursley, Dudley, Wood, Hagrid,Mr.Malfoy and Daroco Malfoy
Description of one of the main characters : Wood is a  sixth-year boy. He is a Gryffindor. He is the captain for the Gryffindor Quidditch team. He gives Harry a chance to be in the Quidditch team as a seeker. Wood makes brilliant plans for his team. He is very responsible. He is a perfect in Hogwarts.
Whom I like and Why : I like Ron as he is very playful. He has a good memory of all things. He is loyal to Harry and friendly to his own younger sister, Ginny.
Whom I Dislike and Why : I dislike Lockhart as he writes books about himself and teaches it to the students as 'Defence Against Dark Arts'. In the test paper of 'Defence Against Dark Arts' there are always questions like:
1.What is Lockhart’s favourite colour?
2.What is Lockhart’s secret ambition?
3.What is Lockhart’s greatest achievements?
…..on and on it goes, over three sides of paper right down to:
54.When is Lockhart’s birthday and what would his ideal gift be?
He is too proud of himself.
Setting/Theme of the story : Harry Potter is a second-year student. He and Ron cannot go into the nine and three quarters platform and they miss the Hogwarts Express. So they fly in the illegal car through the Muggle cities to Hogwarts. On their way, the car stops and they fall into the Whoomping Willows, a tree which hits back when hit. They do not get expelled from Hogwarts as Dumbledore supports them. Once while roaming around the school they see a board written:
                         ENEMIES OF THE HEIR, BEWARE
Then after a few minutes Harry notices Mrs.Norris, Flich’s cat, petrified. All of a sudden, all the children think he petrified the cat but Harry cannot prove that he did not do anything. Once when he is attending the duelling club class, he speaks paraseltoungue, the language of snakes which only slytherins can speak, and everyone think Harry doesn't have a pure blood of the Gryffindors. Ron’s sister Ginny goes to the chamber of secrets and Voldemort catches her. Harry comes and saves poor Ginny. Ginny accepts that she is the one who opened the chamber of secrets this year. She apologizes to Harry. Hagrid is now released from Azkaban. Harry and the other Gryffindors are happy that the house cup goes to the Gryffindors for the second year in row. They also get the Quidditch cup. 
Part I enjoyed the most : I enjoyed the part when Harry attends the death day party of Nearly Headless Nick.
Different ending : Daraco Malfoy, a boy from slytherin group, is expelled as his father Mr. Malfoy does not do a responsible job as a governor of Hogwarts. Instead Mr. Weasley becomes one of the governors. The Weasleys are no more poor and are happy. Harry permanently starts living with the Weasleys for the summer holidays.
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Hardy Boys : Trapped At Sea

Mad scientist transparent background

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Title : Hardy Boys : Trapped at Sea

Author : Franklin W Dixon

Main Characters : Mr. Hardy, Ox Maneley, Joe, Frank, Chet, Ted Herkimer, Cy Ortiz, Dave Falcon, Minkovitch, Lanky and McGinnis

Description of one of the main characters : Minkovitch is a mad scientist who invents atom bombs using Uranium which has been hijacked from trucks which go to Washington DC. He is assisted by two burly servants.

Whom I like and Why : I like Frank Hardy as he is brave and tackles a problem wisely. He sometimes gets brilliant ideas. He is a young detective.

Whom I Dislike and Why : I dislike Ox Maneley as he lies to everyone. He says that Cy Ortiz, the manager of the truck loading company, is a hijacker. But Cy is not. Maneley himself is a hijacker.

Setting/Theme of the story : The trucks which go to Washington DC carrying Uranium are hijacked. The Hardy boys and their friend Chet find the hijackers and help the police to catch them. They save the world as the atom bombs made out of Uranium were planned to be kept at all main cities in the world.

Part I enjoyed the most : I enjoyed the part when Frank saves Minkovitch by pressing the stop button when an atom bomb was going to blast.

Different ending : Ox Maneley and the other hijackers become good. They surrender to the FBI Uranium group and Cy Ortiz. They all are happy again. The young detectives join the FBI group. 

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Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone


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Title : Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone

Author : J.K. Rowling

Main Characters : Harry, Mr. Dursley, Mrs. Dursley, Dudley, Hagrid, Dumbledore, Prof. McGonagol, Ron, Hermione, Snape, Voldermort, Quirrell and Wood.

Description of one of the main characters : Voldermort is an evil and powerful wizard. He is in the branch of Ravenclaw. Nobody comes out good when they have been put into Ravenclaw. Voldermort kills Harry’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Potter. He does not want to kill Harry’s mother but wants to kill Harry. He tries to capture the philosopher’s stone using another evil wizard Quirrell. They find their way to the stone.

Whom I like and why : I like Hermione as she is a brilliant witch and a friend of Harry. She is very good at her studies and does the potions correctly. She helps Harry find the truth and helps him every time he is in danger or trouble. She makes Ron and Harry who are more interested in finding about the stone to pass their first-years exams.

Whom I dislike and why : I dislike Dudley as he is so fussy. Dudley tries to blame Harry for all the silly things that he does. He is a very pampered child. His parents, Mr. & Mrs. Dursley, are worse than him. He gives Harry his ragged clothes and asks Harry to wear it to his school.

Setting/Theme of the story : Harry Potter’s parents die and Harry lives with his uncle, aunt and his cousin. One day a tall beetle-eyed giant of a man named Hagrid rescues Harry from the muggles (a wizardy word for ordinary people). Harry enrols himself at Hogwarts school of witchcraft. He becomes an excellent Quidditch player and is selected as the team’s seeker(one who catches the snitch). One day, Malfoy, a member of the Slytherins who hates Harry Potter, calls him for a mid-night duel. While going to the duel, Harry Potter, Ron and Hermione find that there is something hidden in the third floor room which is dangerous. After a few strange incidents, Harry Potter comes to know that Quirrell and Voldermort are trying to kill him as he is a disturbance for them to take the dangerous philosopher’s stone.  Harry finds how to get through Fluffy. He wins the gigantic chess-men as Ron helps him. The love given by his mother when he is a young boy protects him from Quirrell whose body is made of hatred. And at last, the lightening like scar in his forehead helps him defeat the great evil wizard Voldermort. His friend, meanwhile, sends Dumbledore a letter about all these. Dumbledore comes just in time to save Harry as Harry starts loosing his energy and force and cannot implement the powers. Dumbledore defeats Quirrell and saves Harry. Harry destroys the stone as it has powers which when in wrong hands would blow up the world. No magic can help it. Harry passes his first-years exams and it is summer holidays again.

Part I enjoyed the most : I enjoyed the part when Harry becomes a hero after winning the Gryffinder team a hundred points and taking it to the second place by playing in the Quidditch match as a seeker.

Different ending : Voldermort does not try any other means to kill Harry. Harry Potter is famous for his Quidditch game. Ron becomes the keeper and the team captain. Wood becomes the next game keeper after Hagrid. There are still many secrets hidden and shared by the Hogwarts school of witchcraft.

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