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Friday, January 31, 2020

The Power Of Habit

31 January, 2020. 54th day of blogging everyday, and the 31st post this year. I feel so good, and so happy for myself. So, I thought I'd do a small post today on the power of habit that has sailed me through. And, what have I learnt? The power of habit is something beyond amazing. Excuses and self-pity pale in front of habits. Such is their power. Do we not brush everyday? Do we not eat? Do we not sleep? Do we find excuses not to do any of these? Or, do we feel any pressure to do any of these activities? The habit that's ingrained in us takes care of it all. 

At the beginning, I doubted if I'd have something to write every day. And, I was thinking what if there is nothing to write about. But, that's the whole point. You cannot write nonsense everyday. You are pushed to think beyond what you assume your capacity is. You are forced to tread planes different than what you are comfortable with. And, you compel yourself to enter the cycle of becoming better and doing more. I found myself reading more the moment I started writing regularly. I had to explore things, and not keep my mind stagnant in order to be able to write the post for the day. 

There were days when I knew exactly what I wanted to write, and was excited to put it out there for all to read. There were days when I was extremely tired to write. There were days which were too hectic that I was worried if I'd find the time. There were days when I had lots of time, but doubtful on what I should write about. But, the one common thing on all those days was that I knew I wasn't going to bed without a putting up a post that I am happy about. 

There were some days when I wrote three different posts, and wasn't happy with them, so I ended up writing a fourth one and putting it up. Some people may like a post, some people won't, some may like other posts, and it is not up to you to worry about it. There were days when I wrote stories that I personally was feeling proud about writing, but was not sure how it'd be received. But, the one important thing is to make sure that you love what you have written. Because if you don't like what you are writing, then I doubt if anyone else would. 

Habit is a powerful thing, and you have seen it in full play the last 54 days on my blog. This streak is one of the things that I feel happiest about this year 2020! And, it is all set to continue. I'll see you all everyday, and the next mini-milestone celebration stop would be halfway through the year, hopefully!

Also, have you read The Power Of Habit by Charles Duhigg? It is known to be a wonderful book, and I have read it a long while ago partially. I hope I'll read it again, and get back to you with a review sometime soon!

Just get into the habit, and then the habit will take care of the rest! Uh, clarification: only good habits, please!

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