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Saturday, January 25, 2020

The Nine Most Favourite Characters: All Time (And, Six Of Them Happen To Be Women!)

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The most natural thing for a staple fiction reader is to constantly fall in love with so, so, so many characters. It’s actually impossible to number them. I’d hate if somebody asked me to name one favourite book or one favourite character because it would be the meanest question on Earth, or it’d be from someone who doesn’t really read. But, still over the years, some of the love fade a little for some characters, but some others are just as strong as the first ever day we set eyes on them! Here’s the list of my 9 most favourite characters, who I’ve loved through all the books I’ve read, and I’ll also tell you why I really love them. These are some of the characters from whom I’ve been inspired through how I grew up.

NOTE: There is no preferential order whatsoever in the list below. The numbering is just to make sure I stop at 9!

Now, Jeeves is the coolest guy I’ve ever met. With that clever and witty English humour, Jeeves is just the perfect valet to have. Not just is he polished, sincere, and fun, he is also a life-saver. Jeeves captures your heart with that rib-tickling humour, and makes you wish you had that sense of humour and sarcasm, or atleast a friend like Jeeves! If you won’t love Bertie Wooster, and his cheery and sarcastic valet Jeeves, will you love anyone at all?

By now, it’s clearly established that I’m a big Tolkien fan. I have to say that I was actually reluctant about reading the Hobbit initially, and look at me now! Fun note, most of my absolute favourite books were once something that I was reluctant to read. I have many, many favourites from Middle Earth, but Strider is my absolute favourite. A king, a royal, an all-deserving, warm-hearted, Aragorn, son of Arathorn, was the bravest of all characters, and he went through things that he did not deserve at all. But, that’s not the point. He never gave up, and he never backed out, and he stood up for himself. Strider has been one of the strongest characters I’ve come across. And somehow, he played a big role in my mind when I grew up. 

Ah, Higgins is a beauty. You start admiring him from the opening scene of Pygmalion. Higgins comes off as a smart, extremely shrewd, and talented phonetic professor, bordering on arrogant. But, Higgins knows how to learn and unlearn. With Shaw’s moulding of the relationship between Eliza and Higgins, you learn so much about perspectives, and the phonetics professor, cockney specialist, is bound to stay in your heart.

Who doesn’t love the cheery old detective lady who gets around solving crimes through gossip and intelligence? While Poirot’s methods were those of neatly aligned, methodical investigations, Marple uses her ‘grey cells’ in her own style. And, yes, I love Poirot but he couldn’t make the cut. Miss Marple is one of the fictitious woman I look up to. She always taught me that what necessarily has been followed by all need not be how you do it. The old lady is so inspiring, and absolutely kick-ass!

Tuppence, or Prudence, is Christie’s young detective, a sleuth, and a spy with a passion for espionage. Running a detective agency with her husband Tommy, she’s the boss, inside and outside! There was a time when I seriously hoped and believed that I’d become a detective like Tuppence one day!

6. Sophie Amundsen (Jostein Gaarder)

A 14 year old girl becomes the student of an old philosopher, Alberto Knox, and is pushed to think beyond her barriers into a world of wonder, possibilities, and innovative thinking. No wonder she was a favourite to another 14 year old girl who read Sophie's World! Sophie is someone who is ready to learn, challenge herself, and look at things with a neutral perspective even when things are against her! She opens you to a world of absolute wonder and strength.

George has been my most favourite character since 2007! Georgina, or George, is the kick-ass adventurous girl all teens want to be. I loved and read all the books in the Famous Five series, and George is a beauty that Enid Blyton gave us! For a 8 year old, George is the only lesson they need to be strong, bold, and fearless!

I think Hermione was the first character to normalise being a “cool nerd”. Why can you not top the class, and still be the most fun and cool person to hang out with? Why not pour over books, and still be adventurous? She is a character who broke stereotypes of nerds being a bore! And, me being decently smart kid (haha, yes, I’m praising myself, excuse me), she was one of the characters whom I loved to identify with when I was in school.

Oh, Anne and speculations of her imagination are treasures for a child. When Anne drifted down the Lake of Shining Waters lost in thought, I could swear that I did too! Anne is a very progressive character, displaying passion, strength, and kindness all at the same time. She is a pure character, and again, a heavy influence since I read Anne of Green Gables.

Holy gods, it’s already 9?! Did you notice that out of the nine, six of them happen to be women? I did not pick on purpose, but it was something I realized when I was writing point 9! And, that’s probably because I am a female, and naturally some of the strongest, inspiring female characters have left a strong impression on my mind! I thank all of them for teaching me all the things that I’ve learnt from them, and they definitely play a significant role in who I am today.

Who are your favourites?

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