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Monday, May 17, 2010

Anne Of The Green Gables

Cover of "Anne of the Green Gables"
Cover of Anne of the Green Gables
Title: Anne Of The Green Gables
Author: L. M. Montgomery
Main Characters: Anne, Diana, Mr. and Mrs. Cuthbert, Gilbert Blythe and Mrs. Rachel Lynde
Description Of One Of The Main Characters: Diana is a cute, little and tidy girl. She is bold and is afraid of nothing. She is Anne’s best friend.
Whom I Like And Why: I like Anne Shirley as she is a truthful and a friendly child. She is trusted by everyone in Green Gables.
Whom I Dislike And Why: I dislike Gilbert Blythe as he is rude and he makes fun of the girls. He often teases Anne about her red hair.
Setting/Theme Of The Story: Marrilla Cuthbert adopts a young girl named Anne Shirley from the asylum to make her educated and disciplined. Soon Anne grows up and become friends with Diana. She studies well and becomes disciplined. She makes the Cuthberts happy. But Mr. Cuthbert dies because of a sudden heart attack. Marrilla has to give away the house and get some money, but Anne earns some money for their living and the house remains theirs.
The Part I Enjoyed The Most: I like the part when Anne works hard and earns some money for Marrilla. She wins the first place in her studies and gets more marks than Gilbert Blythe.
A Differed Ending: Marrilla Cuthbert had to give away the house as Anne could not earn much money. They went to a far away place from Green Gables. She missed the wonderful place and her bosom friend Diana. She wept bitterly. But the new place was as nice as it was in Green Gables. But she remembered her pretty garden and her friend throughout.
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