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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

7 Favourite Animated Films

If you know me, you know how much I love animated movies. I have probably watched every DreamWorks/Disney movie out there, and I continue to watch anime and other new animated films that keep coming. From old movies like Bambi to Ralph Breaks the Internet, I love all of them! But, here are seven modern-day animated films that I absolutely love! 

1. Inside Out

One of the most brilliant movies ever, teeming with innovation and a fresh perspective on something that all of us know and experience every day. The importance and necessity to balance all emotions is something that we all struggle to do even as we grow up. It made me teary-eyed, and melted my heart. It is one of the most refreshing, thought-provoking, inventive feel-good film I've watched. The screenplay and the sequencing is brilliant, and the visuals and animation needs no more say than "Disney-Pixar".

2. Big Hero 6

I love the movie! It is F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C! Actually, none of the characters are evil, and there is no real villain in the whole story. I bet you could never ever find characters more lovable and huggable than my Baymax! Trust me and watch it.

3. How to Train Your Dragon

This is a film with some spectacular visuals, and Hiccup is such a warm character. As you are drawn into the world of dragons and Vikings, be prepared to be thrilled, entertained, and absolutely charmed!

4. Zootopia

My dad, brother, and I went to the theatres to see when this released. And, this is one of the fewest-of-few movies where my dad definitely didn't mind animals talking! If you need translation: that means it was crazy good! Also, tip: the credits roll, don't shut your laptop. There's a gazelle that'll thrill you with her voice! Probably the only movie where people stayed for the credits (apart from Marvel movies), thanks to Shakira! If you're still skeptical about watching this movie, I have one thing to say: try everything!

5. The Incredibles

Classic. Unforgettable. Heart-warming and kickass- all at the same time. I love Jack-Jack. I love the Incredibles!

6. Whisper of the Heart

Whisper Of The Wind is a romantic tale of self-realization of the protagonist's abilities, purpose, and dreams. It rides high on the small but vividly mesmerizing world of Shizuku as she travels through her adolescene in style- with love, confidence and a vision of spectacular dreams. The musicality of this anime film is captivating, and ensues a sense of calm and peace. From the creators of Spirited Away, this is another classic, and a must-watch for all age groups!

7. Minions  

This is probably the most favourite. I love everything about Minions. I love the idea, conception of the idea, the screenplay, the execution, the flawless masterpiece that enthralls you in a happy bubble. What's not to love about it! If I weren't a grown girl, I'd have probably run around the house screaming gelatooo after the film. Please do yourself a favour and watch it if you haven't!

There are so many more that I love, but a list of seven can only have seven! Which is your favourite animation film? Let me know in the comments!

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