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Thursday, September 3, 2020

Online Internships

Online internships are getting more frequent now, thanks to the pandemic. Here's a simple post on what we gain and what we lose from these internships.


1. Flexible timing.
2. A more at-ease structure of the internship programme.
3. Way more work to do, and interesting topics to discover- because you save time usually swallowed up by commuting.
4. No dress code, you don't have to wear formals every day!
5. Better opportunities to talk to the directly to heads of the programme.
6. Saving a lot on stay, commuting, food, etc.
7. You get to learn a lot of digital tools, and also how to completely collaborate and finalize a project with a whole team- all sitting in the comfort of your home. 

Cons: You miss out on-

1. Experiencing a new city, new work culture.
2. Making incredible friends, and bonding over lunch break.
3. Chit-chatting with co-workers and associates above you (this can give a lot of insight into the firm, the business, the whole landscape of your profession, actually). Sometimes, a lot of the ideas can come up on a casual coffee break chit-chat.
4. Meeting the head people of the firm, and having an opportunity to discuss your own ideas with them. 
5. A lot of fun, and company lunches, and free ice-creams!

Both have their own charm. And, we'd probably never really pick to intern online unless something like a pandemic forces us to. So, it's good to experience when we have the chance to! I am on an internship online with a legal startup, and I am very excited about it! That is why I decided to pen my thoughts on the pros and cons, and I sure will let you know more on my experience when I finish my internship. Stay tuned!

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