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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

A Jump In Joy

A jump, maybe a skip, 
slowly set in the motion.
But careful, don't you trip,
we don't want any commotion.

A sway and some slide,
and a big, carefree whirl.
But, beware as you glide-
the floor's slippery where you twirl.

But, what brings you such joy?
End of chores for the day?
Or a feeling that we enjoy
on a day without dismay?

No matter what, hold on to that song, 
and the jump, and the whirl-
for it, some days, you'll long
then you'll have some saved, my girl!

Through that careful, clever way
there'll be enough bundles of joy,
to be dancing through dismay,
the troughs, and all who annoy!

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