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Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Better Safe Than Sorry

You already know all of it. Yet, this is again a reminder. Public transports and other places on the way to open up in a week, and it will not be surprising if there is going to be a spike in cases. But, a lot of that can be cut down by sticking to basics, and not thinking that if things are opening up then it's safe. So, here's a basic checklist.

1. Please always wear a mask when outside. I see some people pull their masks down while speaking, but you have to especially have your mask on while speaking. Even if you are not a person who does that, be alert around people who do that and maintain your safety.
2. Maintain distance, and avoid unnecessary physical contact. It's just not safe enough yet.
3. Carry a sanitizer, but wash your hands, legs, and face when you get home. If you go to a place that seems like a high-risk zone, take a nice, long shower.we
4. Avoid eating outside (if you can).
5. Try not to touch your face unless necessary. But, this is so hard- so just keep sanitizing your hand.

We can do tons of other things, like avoid going at all out as much as possible. There is no step that we don't know, actually. We just got to stick to it without being careless or lazy. No one can tell that it will ensure that we don't fall sick, but it's definitely going to save us from saying regretfully: 'I should have worn that damned mask'. 

So, as we prepare to open up, let's keep at our checklists with no compromises! Stay safe (as much as possible)!

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