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Sunday, May 3, 2020

Opening Pandora's Box

Title: Opening Pandora's Box: Phrases Borrowed from the Classics and the Stories Behind Them
Author: Ferdie Addis

Weaving through countless classic tales of Greek mythology, their heroes, gods, demigods, demons and kings, we stumble upon those phrases that we know by contemporary parlance. Opening Pandora’s Box, is an awesome book. As it leads you into phrases and the stories behind them, we relive the Midas touch, the terror of the Chimera, encounter a Gorgon stare, work like a Trojan, meet mighty Gods with titanic strength, heroes with Stoic endurance, and finally find out what actually is to pile Pelion upon Ossa. 
"The aim of this book is to prise open the lid of the English language, just like Pandora did with her famous box, and let the weird and wonderful stories that we used to know come blinking out again into the light of day."
This book is published by the Michael O’ Mara Books Limited. It was first published in Great Britain in 2010. It opens up to a mythical world of tales through which the English that we speak today has borrowed and derived countless phrases from! It is a light-hearted, spellbinding narration of the stories that encompass the actual sense of the classic idiomatic expressions. 

Ferdie Addis gives us a book that equally stands out as a sorted introduction to Greek mythology, and also as a reference into how phrasal references developed in the language that we use today. This was one of the books I loved, and also referred while writing my own stories (just like I used to refer Know Your English by Upendran). 

Do pick this book up and give it a glance, it is sure to keep you captivated while also making sure you become that much more aware about the language! 

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