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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Holding On To Sanity

A deadly pandemic brought the world to a stand as we all gleefully entered into 2020. Highly credible extrapolations suggest that India is yet to see the peak, and it may take till the end of September to be a little more safer than now. 

Placed right in between these woeful state of affairs, we might lose it a little. So, here are some reminders that can help us all hold on to sanity. 

1. You don't have to watch every update about COVID-19. Yes, it is important to have a general knowledge about what's going on, but stop looking at the news for every bit of fluctuating statistics if it mentally bothers you, and if you can afford to skip it. Like the picture says: the desire to be well-informed is really at odds with the desire to remain sane, currently. 

2. Do not forward news without verifying it. Forwarding to a hundred people on your contact list about a news that came on Whatsapp that has no basis or credentials is not at all helpful to anyone. In fact, it disrupts peace and truth. Please, do not pass on anything that you aren't sure about. Always check the source. 

3. Avoid going out. Avoid thinking it's a deadly pandemic that the world is facing but it won't get to you. You are part of the world, and you need to be cautious. 

4. Always err on the safer side. It's okay to be extra careful and wear a mask, sanitize, wash hands, even when it seems unnecessary. Right now, that could just be the best thing you can do to yourself and to others around you. 

5. Do not trouble people for information they may not be in a position to give. True, your college hasn't told you how examinations are going to be held as yet. True, you haven't received the notifications on your project. True, that the government is extending the lockdown and no one exactly knows when things will get alright. Also true that maybe they can figure it out. Yet, don't push too much. It's okay for people to wait, not decide and take some time during these circumstances. Let's try to be patient. 

6. If possible, pay the salary for this month for the helpers who come to your house. If possible. For some of them, their only earnings is that, and those who can help should help. 

7. Occupy yourselves. There might be a lot of pressure on yourself to be productive, but it's alright- just do something. I'm sure it'll be of some use, at least entertainment. 

Pressure piles on involuntarily, but you can try to take less of it. The degrees vary but everyone is in a fix, thanks to corona. So, help in all ways you feel confident that you can. What may seem as a pretty insignificant help may be extremely significant to those who are in need of it. Every little counts. Stay in, stay safe, and stay mentally preoccupied to come out of this lockdown healthy and happy!

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