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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

The Bald Cavalier

Today, I rediscovered a wonderful, wonderful, poem that we were taught in Class V from my treasure trove of chaotic notes. A simple one, yet one that makes you smile! I had to share it! The author of the poem is unknown, but the poem was titled 'The Bald Cavalier' in our poetry textbook. Happy reading!

When periwigs came first in wear,
Their use was to supply
And cover the bald pate with hair,
To keep it warm and dry.

For this good end, our Cavalier
Determined one to buy,
Which did so natural appear
That it deceived the eye.

But riding out one windy day,
Behold! a sudden squall
Soon blew his feathered hat away,
And periwig and all.

He joined the laugh with noddle bare,
And sang in concert tone,
"How should I save another's hair,
Who could not keep my own?"

To take upon oneself a joke,
Good humour shows and wit,
Which may a second laugh provoke,
And leave the biter bit.

The moral is such an important one, and it is necessary in life 'to leave the biter bit'. I remember how much I loved it when I was taught this, and reading this today made me smile doubly wide- thanks to the lovely poem and the memories it brings!

I hope you enjoyed the poem!

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