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Thursday, March 5, 2020

Know Your English

Title: Know Your English
Author: S. Upendran

When I was younger, I wrote so many stories, but always was confused about titles I must give. So, I used to pick up Know Your English by S. Upendran, and flip it through till I got inspired for a suitable, idiomatic title. Well, that's pretty much how Much Of A Muchness happened.

Based on the popular weekly column in The Hindu since 1982, there are 4 volumes in the series, giving us hundreds of idioms, their stories of how they came to be, and also their usage.

The series is extremely popular as a weekly column in The Hindu, and my friends and I always went straight to the column to check out the idiom for the week whenever we got the paper in school.

It is a cool compilation, ordered alphabetically, and expressed and explained in simple, clear and concise language. While the blurb of the book says that is would be useful for "teachers, students and those who are keen on honing their speaking and writing skills", it is also for those like me who can use it for such off-beat purposes.

So, next time you want to throw in a cool, appropriate idiom, remember to flip through this wonderful book!

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