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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Frayed, Yet Fond

Frayed, unkempt, seeming like a debris,
beaten and worn out from usage umpteen.
Tensed strands clenching on to save the free-
flying offcut; an unending attempt to keep.
Farther down my piece, another hole-
visible nibbles of yet another moth. 
Save me, before it eats me whole 
and I get thrown out without a thought.
Cool comfort you sought, and give- I did,
Now I need your thought and wit.
Without a thought? Parting hurts, 
such a loyal t-shirt I was! 
Save me, before situation asserts 
that I be thrown away to rot
-your closest since seventh class.
Remember, I may be frayed- but I was
fondest among the fond!

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