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Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Traversing (Personally Unknown) Territories

Moot got over? Coming for that seven-cheesy pizza (large, with that 1+1 offer).
Mid-semester happening? Need to cheer up, shall we have fries and cold coffee? And hey, repeat that order.
Mid-semester got over? Let's get that scrumptious veg lasange, mon ami. Need a break.
Mid-semester results came in today? Good? Damn, let's celebrate. Not that good? Come on, time to cheer up! All with some mouth watering mysore masal dosas.
Weekend? Let's just get out of the campus. 
Weekday? Long day, can we at least have something nice to eat?
Birthday? Hey, wait up, you got to take us to the most expensive place that we'll choose and your dad, of course, will pay the bill. 

In college, every little thing is an excuse to go out and eat (my semester budgets stand testament to that). College gave me an opportunity to explore food like I have never done until my schooldays, and fair enough because that is primarily what college days are for- eating. Dessert to me until schooldays was vanilla ice cream, and falooda. But after I got to college, things were in for a fancier outlook. They wanted cheesecakes, caramel puddings, and freak-shakes. I learnt what a waffle, a sizzler, and a momo is after I got to college, and I was genuinely surprised that people were surprised about me not knowing. Why would I, haha? We used to eat gulab jamun with ice-cream after a meal, usually.

Finding friends who also didn't know much was the greatest fun. It was great going to restaurants where I didn't understand what the dishes in the menu card were. Google really is your best friend. Okay google, what the hell is a gnocchi?

Five years of college- that seemed way too long when I was wrapping up class 12. That's like the time I took to go from class V to X. Crazy. But time ran. I am in my third year of law school, and I can't believe three years of college is already over. COVID-19 has further pushed us to cut back on the time left. Also missing aloo cheese parathas with an extremely generous amount of butter smeared on it from my college night mess . Every day is an excuse for it, we didn't even need to look for an occasion! 

Let's stay in, stay safe, and pray we get over with this terrible spell. I hope I get to go back to college soon, and I also hope I get to have as much fun in the rest of the two years! 

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