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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Whee, Whizz, Wish-away!

Maiden young, plump and sweet,
laid back and dreaming in her seat,
of gushing rivers and lofty heights,
of a kind world sans ugly fights.
Sense and sensibility- she thought,
in humankind was a missing part
among pretentious vanity and futile pity,
genuine empathy was a dire necessity.
Pride and prejudice- all around,
yet not one voice can be heard profound
that stays the pride and lends a hand,
she thought, since we only demand.
Persuasion, might be the key,
to sensitize all around in need-
so the maiden thought she would rise
and lead the world to paradise.
Love and friendship, and good old hope,
our maiden believed, would suffice,
unaware that a change to cope
must come within all men and mice.
Dawning sense, she looked about
to see those around cry and shout
the same things she wished to change,
and grappled with the situation strange,
or not so strange- it wasn't just fate,
she found a way for them to educate.
Things fell in place, steady and slow,
she felt no surprise now- long way to grow,
she thought and smiled
as she laid back and smiled,
and slid to another dream, like a child.

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