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Saturday, May 9, 2020

A Story On Stage

A story, on stage.
A large house, with a houseful.
A wide stage, and a wider screen.
A retracting curtain revealing the story.
A beautiful set, and enticing personas.
An enigma expressed, a hurdle crossed.
A weakness overcome, a strength employed.
A conveyed moral, an attempt to better.
A win for the good, and a lesson for the bad.
A mixed opinion- on the shades of grey.
An open question, a thumping finale.
A heartfelt cheer for the glory well-staged-
with unabashed performances, the crowd in a craze.
A warm welcome, a happy hug.
A celebration, with a lively tenor.
A meeting, with closed circuits.
A start, and another story.
A story, on stage.

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