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Monday, April 20, 2020

Revamped: A Fresh Look For Fresher Perspective!

It was a routine day for Sandhya's Blog until mid-day. Sitting there in her figmental location, with a warm smile, displaying an array of posts across books, movies, stories, art, life, law, and more, she welcomed one and all, and kept a regular tally of those stats and comments. She was blissfully unaware that a makeover was awaiting, come evening.

Changing the theme of your beloved blog is like getting a haircut. You want that new style, but you are also scared if it would look good. And, even after you get your haircut you always have that little, little, tinge of doubt left about whether the one you had before was just better. 

Every time I think of changing the theme of the blog, there is similar feeling. And so, I never did for a long time now. I always liked how my blog looked earlier- bold, bright, orange, slightly kiddish.

Today, my dad sent me a tweet that someone called Vishak Hariharan was doing a 'name art'. I checked out the tweet and his handle (@vishak4u), and found the initiate very interesting! I sent out a mail, asking him if he could do one for this blog. After a quick two hours that flew before I even expected the artist to get back to me, I receive this smart, witty, pun-ny, and creative name art! 

The long due revamp that the blog needed resumed today, and ta-da: I think the blog just got  a minimal and classy makeover (kind of on the opposite spectrum of what it was) that I absolutely love. However, the original theme of orange and maroon has been retained even in the new name art- with the comma and the words "blog" maintained on the same hue. 

I believe it is best to shake things up once in a while, and it was time Sandhya's Blog had one. It gives the blog a fresh vibe, and a sophisticated look- and, hopefully the content will live up to all the sophistication!

Now that I have introduced you to the new look, let me also introduce you to the artist: Vishak Hariharan's name art is a really cool, interesting and creative initiative. You can get in touch with Vishak on twitter, and check out the tweet below to know the details! 


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