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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Little Grains Of Sand

Here's a nursery rhyme- some food for thought:

'Little drops of water,
little grains of sand-
Make a mighty ocean
and the pleasant land'

Sounds familiar? Rings a true bell?

'Wow, that's such a cool book he has written.'
'Dude, that guy has an awesome blog.'
'He has released his album, and he is just twenty.'

Before you say that next time, look out for the base that they worked on all these years. Their work is as glorious as it stands on date because it has been honed to perfection by practice, and their number of years of hard and smart work. 

When I was around class three, I had swimming in school, and I was dead scared of the water. My dad decided to push me to learn swimming. I did, eventually. After four years of a lot of patience, pep talks, and cheese-cake baits, I finally overcame my fear of the water. Today, I can't do competitive swimming, but I can swim for my own exercise/relaxation any day. It came with practice- to trust the coach who is teaching me, to trust my strokes on water, to trust that I can swim too- over four years! 

Some of us can pick up things quickly, and some of us can take a longer time to learn. I can learn the concepts in an academic lecture much easier and quicker than I can learn to play the Frisbee. And, for some others, it may be the other way around. And both can be learnt, with just a little practice and patience. 

Consider this blog: it started way back in 2010 when I was just 10 years old, with the only readership audience being my proud parents. If I just want to skip to the part where my blog has a hundred thousand followers and daily readers, it's not going to happen unless I work towards it through the years leading up to it. It may or may not happen in the future, but it definitely won't without consistency and practice. Same thing applies when it comes to weight loss or a toned body. You cannot demand an awesome, fit self if you don't really exercise everyday. 

The concept that was taught to us as kindergarten kids is a big life lesson that we often tend to forget as we grow up. Looking for shortcuts to success is nothing but a real waste of precious time, as there are none. In fact, shortcuts are just going to delay every little moment when you could have actually worked on it. It is not for nothing that we have been taught young that practice makes perfect.

My dad keeps repeating over and again to me, to do my little bit today and not to think too much about whether it would fructify. Your only job is to match your reality every day to your dreams. It will come true automatically, if you work everyday on it. No success story was made on a single day, single hit. 

So let's all tame down on our daydreams, and work towards our dreams, enjoying the process every bit. And, if you don't teach yourself to enjoy the process, it is highly unlikely that you would enjoy the result as much! 

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