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Monday, April 13, 2020

A List Of Necessary Reminders

Everyday now, I just wait for that usual time I have started exercising, because that seems to be the only time I ever get up from that same chair, same position for way too many days now. Being home because of the lock-down can feel normal for some, and overwhelming for some others. But, we can all agree that our step count is just downright abysmal if not for some voluntary workout. 

This lock-down has made me realize what an active life I had back in college, even without portioning time out for exercise. Ten thousand steps a day used to be something that's a consequence of just living on campus, running thrice a day from hostel to classes to mess and back to hostel, and those post-dinner walks where you just keep walking losing track of time was a blessing! Now, with the lack of all that movement, we end up looking forward to that exercise that we would have rather chosen to skip back in college. Note of disclaimer: I am not talking about those self-motivated humans who don't skip their run-days.

Please, get up and do something, if you aren't already. Two days into it, you'd probably look forward to it because it really does help taking away the feeling of "just sitting" through the whole day. On that note, here are some important reminders:

1. Drink enough water. Less movement may make us less thirsty. But, your body still needs to stay hydrated, especially with the oncoming summer. 

2. Wear proper outfits for your workouts. If your workout needs a shoe, then wear it. If your workout needs a mat, then use it. Do not do any make-shift jugaad when it comes to workouts. Getting injured is not worth it. And also, this might just be one of the worst times to get injured.

3. Eat well. Don't skip meals. Again, staying put, without any workout can make you feel that you aren't really hungry, at least for some of you. Eat healthy, eat smart, but eat. 

4. Get all the beauty sleep that you need. This is the time where you can't blame work instead of the lousy sleep habits. Yes, once it is a habit, it is difficult to change. But, you have the time to try and fall into a better habit!

5. Do things you always wanted to. It may not be productive, but this is probably a guilt-free time to try it out. So don't hold back!

6. Finally, go stand outside on your terrace for a while maybe. Your body needs the sun!

Let us all act sensibly and responsibly. Let us try to be empathetic. Nobody can force us to do something that the world feels is good, but we definitely owe it to the world not to do what we know is wrong. 

Wash your hands, stay in, stay safe and, most importantly, take care of yourself!

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