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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

From Doon With Death

Title: From Doon With Death
Author: Ruth Rendell

Margaret Parsons leads the life of a timid housewife with her daily monotonoty of gardening and taking care of her husband in the small, quiet town of Kingsmarkham. Her life, described by all, is that which is nothing close to interesting. A formidable Inspector Wexford is introduced to us when Margaret Parsons is reported missing, and is soon found dead out in a nearby curb. 

In hot pursuit to uncover the mystery, Inspector Wexford leaves no stone unturned, and circles in carefully on Margaret Parsons' little community that hold her memories together. The lack of any sort of palpable clue, pushes a vexed and baffled Wexford to rummage through the late lady's belongings. This desperate pursuit lands a trove of Maragaret's treasured book collections- all of them that have one passionately and intricately breathtaking inscription- Doon. A gut feeling that this must be the missing piece of the puzzle leads Wexford to re-summon all of Margaret's circle of community for a redefined line of questioning. 

Who is Doon? What does Margaret have to do with the person? And, who murderd Margaret Parsons?

A shrouded web of lies entwine this fast-paced, unputdownable mystery as the mind reels with the gaining momentum of umpteen possibilities. Yet, Ruth Rendell leaves you reeling to her story until the very end- when she delivers an unforgettable, unexpected, classic twist! From Doon With Death has a solid plot through the novel, and a blissful twist in the end, which I haven't even gone near to make sure I don't give any spoilers. 

Written in 1964, this was Ruth Rendell's debut novel of Inspector Westford, and he appears in her books she she wrote later in the same series. Highly conversational in tone, the book makes you hear the characters out in your brain as you read it. I have heard that her first book is a classic, and it absolutely was. I have also heard that her best novels came later in her career, and I can't wait to get to them. Inspector Wexford, in this book, has the awe-inspiring character development that will stand the test of times!

The best part of a crime mystery is when you try to solve it too, and that is what exactly happened with me while reading From Doon With Death. With Rendell's classic English setting, and an irresistible crime plot, this is an absolute page-turner! I loved it!

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