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Thursday, March 12, 2020

Work Experience In MLA Office

Avadi is a state assembly constituency in Tamil Nadu, India, newly formed after constituency delimitation by the Election Commission of India in 2008. It consists of a portion of Poonamallee taluk and includes Avadi. It is included in the Thiruvallur parliamentary constituency. Avadi is constituency No. 6 of Tamil Nadu legislative assembly.

In my short-term pro bono internship with the Avadi MLA Office, I was drafted to do help in filing, typing and system-based work. During the internship period, I gained basic knowledge about booths, booth officers and the polling systems as governed by the bye-laws in Tamil Nadu in line with the national norms of conducting free and fair elections.

The MLA Office of Mr. MaFoi K. Pandiyarajan, Minister of Tamil Language & Culture, and the MLA of Avadi Constituency, is highly efficient. It can be boldly stated that it is one of the very few MLA offices that is up and running to cater to the needs of the people from its constituency. The MLA office that works from 9 am to 6 pm everyday attends to the various grievances of the people of its Constituency, and promptly caters to their requirements by providing viable and immediate solutions. This is the only Constituency that has come up with the progressive idea of a “MyAvadi” app. The app works on the basis of the Constituency Information System (CIS) software. The map-location based app and software allows the people to exactly pinpoint the area of problem or nuisance to facilitate immediate and accurate attention to solving the problem. The online interface has been quite successful and seamless. Such developmental measures and progressive ideas for the betterment and the development of the Constituency is what that truly makes this office stand apart. The impact of the good work is clearly visible in Avadi, as the area is one of the most rapidly developing ones in the neighbourhood.

The pro bono sessions under the Office of Mr. MaFoi K. Pandiyarajan, MLA Avadi Constituency, Minister of Tamil Language and Culture, was enlightening as I had an opportunity to understand the process of filing systems and could read the first hand letters that dealt with the grievances of the people of Avadi Constituency. Within the scope of 20 hours of service, I was introduced to basic concepts of electoral services and it’s prime importance in upholding the democratic setup ensuring free and fair trials.

With the completion of this pro bono work I took home with myself an invaluable experience.

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