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Tuesday, March 10, 2020

The Theory Of Everything

Movie: The Theory Of Everything
Directed by: James Marsh
Written by: Anthony McCarten
Music by: Jóhann Jóhannsson
Running time: 123 minutes

The life of Cambridge PhD student Stephen Hawking goes happy and smooth through his University days as he effortlessly excels and stumps his colleagues, and falls in love with an arts student Jane Wilde, until his muscles start failing. After attending a lecture about black holes, Stephen is pushed to think that black holes must have existed at the beginning of the Universe, and this leads him to his thesis on the beginning of the Universe and time itself for his PhD. 

One fatal day, walking across the University campus, Stephen's legs fail, and he falls flat on his face, hitting his head. Stephen is diagnosed with motor neuron disease that shall eventually, and slowly, take away from him all voluntary muscle control, and a life expectancy of two years. Shattered, Stephen puts his all into working on his thesis. But life takes a turn as Jane marries him irrespective of his progressively deteriorating condition. The film is about how the man who was given two years to live defied all expectations, and shattered all boundaries, both personally and professionally. 

Eddie Redmayne is brilliant as Stephen Hawking, slumped in his chair, making you reconsider if it really is just acting. The film is beautiful, though in some parts it lacks the effect it seeks to produce. It is an extremely good film with some great acting. It focuses more on how Stephen's personal life and care pushed him to a life more hopeful, and how it helped him excel professionally. With nothing really science-based in the movie, it in fact humorously portrays how Jane understood what her astrophysicist husband was courting all the time. 

I really enjoyed the movie. It is true that some sequences disappoint, as you expect it to make a better impact on you, but overall the movie is really nice and enjoyable!

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