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Saturday, July 4, 2020

Why I Can't Ever Complete A TV Show

I landed in college to discover that people can get hooked(or, call it addiction) to something called TV Shows, and binge watch them on Netflix/Prime. Many of them had entire seasons of different shows downloaded on their laptops so that they can conveniently spoil their night sleep in binge-watching even if the wifi network is poor, and then sleep comfortably the next day in A/C classrooms. I did check out a couple of them. And, after several attempts I have concluded that TV Shows really aren't for me. Maybe, once in a while, there may be some interesting show or episode, but that still doesn't ensure I have the patience to stick around till the end. 

Why can't I ever complete a show? Why is that I am not able to sustain interest in them though others do?

1. A good story alone doesn't ensure that my attention can stay. It requires it to be engaging in every episode, because TV Shows are very prolonged. Honestly, most of them are just a more sophisticated, fancier version of the serials that my grandma watches on TV. 

2. Most of the episodes are highly repetitive. By that, I mean that there is a very predictable pattern and a formula that most of these shows apply to their episodes. While reading a series might be fun, seeing them for tens of hours really isn't that much fun for me.

3. Interest frizzles out. They drag the story way too much that you just stop wanting to even know what happens.

4. They make me feel drained, after watching long hours. Movies are much better. Short, the longest being maybe 3 hours, and engaging, and gives you a good break before you can get back and do the rest of your work. 

Reading elaborately makes me happy, and it feels interesting. I also really enjoy watching good films. But seeing elaborately on a TV show makes it tiring and stretched, and absolutely boring after a point. I am in no way denying that there are some really wonderful shows that are interesting and engaging, but I am not a great fan of this medium of story-telling, especially where there are 5 seasons x 15 episodes x 1 hour. Might as well cut out all those suggestions, I am never going to get around sustaining my interest in them or completing them. 

But, if you want to prove me wrong with a gem list, your suggestions are welcome! Do you have a show that you think is extremely engaging in its story? Let me know in the comments!

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