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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Loving Minimalism- In Design and Productivity

Minimalism. Minimalism is basically having or owning as few things as possible, or being minimalist. It can also mean having profound experiences with the least amount of things you need. In theory, minimalism is something that I really am fond of- and I believe in it completely when it comes to the design of a living space. 

Living in a hostel room, I have as few things as possible and only those I need. Many friends who have been to my room so many times over the past two years have always looked at how simple the room is, and yet it feels so comfortable and at home. White walls, a few nails to hang keys and other stuff, a shelf, a cot and a table. That's all the room needs. To me, keeping the living space clean and neat is more important that decorating it with tons of stuff.

It is possible to keep your living space clean anyway, irrespective of whether you are someone who loves hoarding the room and decorating it, or someone like me who likes to have only and only what I really need in my room. But, it is undeniable that it is easier to maintain the room clean for the latter. 

The didi  in my hostel who comes to help clean the room always has a thankful word for me that there aren't many things to really clean in my room. I have so few things in my room that I can fit every single object in my room (except the cot and the table) into my shelf and still have some space left in it! This makes organizing, cleaning, maintaining things a breeze!

I think this whole idea of me loving minimalism is why I took to Chromebooks very easily. I have been using a Chromebook for the last six years, and I don't think I'd buy any other laptop. A vast majority of us literally use just the browser on a laptop, and maybe store some files on the local storage. That is it! Why do we need a laptop with a ton of things that we would never get to know and use? I heard in an interview talking about Chromebooks, where Mr. Pichai explained how Chromebooks were launched by Google to actually give only what the users need and use. I think that's brilliant, and I love it. I have been using it smoothly for the last 6 years, which proves that anything more isn't really needed. 

A minimalist approach largely sorts out and simplifies things wherever you apply it. That is why I am a huge fan of this approach. Like we know it, I always reiterate the KISS principle in my mind- keep it simple, stupid!

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