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Sunday, July 12, 2020

How Do You Pass Time On A Flight?

A flight usually gets you to your destination the fastest, and yet the journey of even two hours can be unimaginably boring if you don't have an activity figured out that can pass the time. Being on the internet isn't a choice, even if you want to, so that's ruled out. 

I find a lot of people who download movies to watch on the flight. I think this is a great option as long as you don't get headaches or anything like that. An interesting movie or a show will definitely make the two hours of travel a breeze. But, I don't prefer watching or listening to anything through the flight, as I find that often people sitting next to me peep into the screen if I watch anything at all. So, unfortunately, I don't feel comfortable watching anything. Some people, especially families with young children, spend the whole time during the flight, clicking selfies from all different angles. Dodging the coverage of their cameras deserves a separate post in itself!

I have two favourite activities to pass time on a flight. 

1. Sleep. This is the absolute best. You fall asleep, and you seem to reach the destination before even you realize! Also, sleeping on the flight is very productive. You feel refreshed and ready to go about doing whatever plan you have for the day by the time you reach your destination. I always sleep on a flight, and have always found it to the best pastime. 

2. Read. Sometimes you are already fresh, so sleep is not the first thing you go to. The alternative for me is reading. I pick a safe entertainer for flights that is bound to be gripping, engaging, and will keep my mind absorbed in the story. Then again, the time flies. I also pick books of the size that will get done within the two hours. So, all my reading of useless-yet-entertaining fiction usually happens over a flight, and there is no guilt because what else could I have done! Funnily, people never seem to peep into books. The maximum they do is check out what book it is, so I am usually left to myself when I have a book in my hand!

I would have liked to write on flight, and I have once before, but I didn't prefer it when I found, once again, that people keep peeping into your screen. When we travel here in economy class, we can't really expect anything more, so I am content with either sleeping or reading, while others are busy on their phones. 

How do you pass time on a flight? Let me know in the comments!

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