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Monday, July 13, 2020

5 Authors For Children

Recently, I was figuring out what book to suggest for a small boy who hadn't really read much before, and that definitely sent me smiling into a lot of my own memories. 

So, here are five authors, in the order that I'd suggest, that every child will love. The best thing about the work of these authors are that they are fun, easy to read and comprehend, and come in small sizes. Size is a big factor for those who start reading. A big book can be intimidating, but a smaller, fun one can hook them to reading, and bigger books will become a natural progression. 

1. Enid Blyton. Famous Five and Secret Seven are the best places for anyone to start reading. 

2. Roald Dahl. He is one of the best children's author, and I till today love and enjoy his books. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is the place to start, and before you know the kids will start reading his other books by themselves! Another point of interest, for the children, in his books would be the wonderful and fascinating illustrations by Quentin Blake. 

3. Ruskin Bond. If you want simple stories with an Indian touch, Ruskin Bond is the best one to go to. The stories usually involve young boys and adventure, and is sure to capture the attention of the young readers. 

4. C. S. Lewis. When the kid is comfortable with Blyton and Dahl, and is looking for more, go to the world of Narnia by Lewis. This is the time when they will start looking forward to the next book when they get involved with a series. Chronicles of Narnia is a classic that every child will love.

5. J. K. Rowling: It's not for nothing that Harry Potter commands such a fan base. The world of Hogwarts is one of the best that a child can get while growing up. It pushes the imagination, and the kid starts reading 700 pages of books like it's nothing! I grew up with Harry Potter, and I think every child will love that world!

So, if you have cousins, sisters, children around you in this stage, do gift them books by these authors (and gauge their comfort level in reading before you choose from the above five)! Wishing them a happy read!

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