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Sunday, July 5, 2020

Murder In Beltour | Chapter 07 | The Message

Diya was sitting cross-legged on the floor in Saira’s room, deep in thought. Saira had just told her that the private investigator worked previously for the Boss who might be the main reason for the fire. But, how did things fall in place so perfectly?

“Do you think she is lying?” asked Saira.

“No, the message that I read did ask her not to take it up. If she was still working for him, then the Boss would have wanted her to take it up, I think,” speculated Diya.

“What are you thinking about, then?”
“I was thinking about Ruchi.”
“What about her?”
“Do you remember the first day we all came to college? We were standing outside the hostel, and we met these new girls. I remember Ruchi was also there, and we were just chit-chatting.”
“Yeah, I remember.”

Diya stayed silent for some time, her expression lost in thoughts again. And, when she spoke again, she left the previous train of conversation abruptly.

“It is impossible that someone from outside could have caused the fire,” said Diya.

Saira nodded, and both of them were silent, racking their brains to comprehend what was happening. Saira was staring into her table when she noticed the unopened parcel.

“I have Ruchi’s parcel. The warden gave it to me the other day and asked me to give it to Ruchi on the way, and I forgot completely. It was just on the morning of the fire. Do you think I should give it to that investigator?”
“Open it,” said Diya, jumping up to a stand enthusiastically and reaching out for the parcel on the table.

Saira and Diya looked at each other, Saira eyeing the package  doubtfully.

“What if it is something like a bomb inside? Maybe it was supposed to have blown up her room or something, we don’t know,” said Saira, her voice faltering.

Diya sniggered. “You do have a great sense of imagination, my friend,” she said, jokingly.

“What if-” started Saira.

“We’ll know what when we open it. Ruchi is long dead.”

Before Saira could say anymore, Diya tore the package open. There was a blue file inside, and the file was empty. But, on top of the file was a sticky note.
“Be energetic like the outstanding, unique Redshank. Mornings are better in the balcony. -Boss”
Saira and Diya stared at the note, and then after what seemed like an eternity, looked up and stared at each other, thoughts racing in their minds in a muddled run. Diya finally broke the silence.

"So, was this a threat?" she guessed.
"But, why the file then?" asked Saira.

Diya nodded speculatively. "Maybe, for it to just seem like a package."

"Maybe, but the message makes no sense. It says morning, but the fire that killed her was in the afternoon. And, I still don't know why Sunanda was interested in knowing if my door was open," said Saira, crinkling her nose and face as she read the message once again. "I think Sunanda might know better. But, we don't give this to her unless she tells us something more."


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