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Monday, July 6, 2020

7 Bollywood Movies I Really Like

I have probably watched way more Bollywood movies than movies of any other language, weirdly. I also have to give these movies a fair credit for making me more comfortable with listening to Hindi for longer periods of time. While there were many I regretted watching thanks to the very typical formulaic stories, there were some that I really enjoyed watching. Out of the ones that I enjoyed a lot, here are the first seven that came to my mind when I wanted to write this post!

1. English Vinglish. The story is simple, beautiful, and very relatable to most of our lives. We all have at one point or the other teased our own parents, grandparents, friends or people we know for their English. Or, sometimes the viewers might be the ones who regret about not being great at this language. While we might have done that with no intention to put them down or hurt them, and they also sportively take it as a joke, we hear them comment sometimes that they wouldn't be the butt of the joke if they knew better English. Sridevi as Sashi puts up a very enjoyable, real and beautiful performance. English Vinglish is heart-warming to watch. 

2. Hindi Medium. This was a hilarious, yet important, take on all that parents do, and the sheer desperation to have their kid study in a "reputed school". The story also gives out an important message that we need to try and make every school worthy rather than go to any extent in order to get that one school that we idolize. Irrfan Khan brings light and humour into this simple tale, and every moment is enjoyable. I really enjoyed this one.

3. Barfi. A love story, but a realistic and stunningly sweet take on many different things. Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra were brilliant, and the whole screenplay was beautiful. The movie leaves you feeling a warmth and magic that you should definitely experience!

4. Rang de Basanti. What is not beautiful in this film! The story, the screenplay, the music, and the whole air that this film brings is one that fills you with energy, awareness, a sense of pride, a sense of what is right, and the film holds your attention every second of its runtime. The film has a star-studded cast, and unquestionably brilliant performances. This is one of the movies that leave you thrilled watching it!

5. 3 Idiots. This movie is a sensation in itself. I think the credit completely goes to the screenplay and the absolutely relatable dialogues. It also addresses a well-known, but ignored fact on how we are taught, and how we learn in schools and colleges. It is a movie that gives you a message, keeps up the humour, entertains you thoroughly, leaves you smiling thanks to the stellar performances, and you just sit back and have fun watching!

6. Kahaani. Kahaani has been one of my most favourite films. It is solely carried by Vidya Balan, and she does absolute justice to her character. This feels like reading a mystery-crime-thriller all rolled into one with a pregnant woman looking for her missing husband, and makes you sit up straight in anticipation and keeps you on the toes when it comes to the storyline. We are all left hanging all the way to the very end till we finally watch the twist unfold on screen. This is definitely a movie that I thoroughly loved!

7. Piku. A simple story about an old man who thinks he is going to die of constipation. Every dialogue in the film is brilliant, and the simple story is so well-written and well-played that you can't help but smile. Again, star-studded, this movie has some of the most effective performances I have seen. Love it!

I have seen so many more, and I have also enjoyed many of them. But, like I already said, these are the 7 movies that came to mind when I sat to write this post, and hence they feature here! Which is your favourite? Let me know in the comments!

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