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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

What Is It About The Rains And Bajjis?

What is it about the rains that makes us crave for those bajjis and pakodas? Even half an hour into a constant, incessant pitter-patter, our thoughts abandon all productive activities and seek comfort in the dream of bajjis, fried crisp and eaten when it's still hot from the frying pan. As the temperature drops thanks to the soothing rains, our bodies crave for the hot and spicy fried fritters. There is an undeniable connect, to all Indians in their own ways, when it comes to a rainy day and bajjis/pakodas. In truth, the thought of bajjis is hardly comforting. It only paves way for even the laziest human alive to get to the kitchen and fulfill the cravings on the rainy day. 

I happen to be a person who'd most likely fantasize about chocolates than bajjis. That is only mostly. However, with the mellow sound of the constant rain today, my mind wandered to the comforting thought of hot, crisp bajjis without the slightest trace of shame while struggling with the not-at-all-perfect bicycle crunches during my workout session. 

What is it about the rains? Why does it make us crave for these crisp fritters? What is it about the rains that makes us head to the kitchen, light the stove, and prepare for the fritters, a source of instant gratification? Why do the crispy bajjis give us so much comfort and happiness as the rain pours happily outside? 

Is it one of those things that no one knows how it started, and yet it continued for years together naturally influencing us in its ways? Do we get these bajji/pakoda thoughts because that is what we have grown up seeing? What makes these bajjis so gratifying on a rainy day? 

If you are expecting answers, I don't have them. All I have is a bemused thought, and a happy smile after snacking on these comfort fritters. The satisfaction it brings on the seemingly dull, rainy day is something that we all know. But, what do you think: what is it about these rains and bajjis?

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