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Thursday, June 11, 2020

Fancy A Quote? Then, Make Sure You Save It

I have started reading a lot more nowadays- books, articles, magazines, daily newsletters(you can check some of them here), interesting pieces from archives of the blogs I like, and more often than not I feel like saving a quote, or a phrase or the article. When I read more on the same, or when I come across something interesting about what I previously read, I feel like adding it to the previously saved article or quote. A repository of the wondrous sources of information under every theme I read is what I am talking about. 

For someone who has great discipline, maybe Google Docs or a simple word document where they can copy-paste the links/quotes/phrases/notes, compile and categorize them according to relevant tags, would suffice. But, if you're like me you'd be the lazy dude who just reads an interesting article, tell yourself you'll do the copy-pasting of the links later, and then just forget. Instead, what we need is an extension that is convenient to use and is always there where resources can be saved, compiled, categorized, tagged and everything- all in that same instant. That's why I use Diigo

I opened an account with Diigo in 2012. But, I never used it much until I started doing a post everyday since December 2019. Like I said in one of my previous posts where I was talking about the power of habit, I found myself reading more the moment I started writing regularly. I had to explore things, and not keep my mind stagnant in order to be able to write the post for the day. When I was reading more, I felt the need to create a repository of quotes and links, and anything I was going to cite/use/refer in my writing. So, I started to use Diigo again, and this time I'm just loving how all of it gets neatly stored and put away then and there!

"Diigo is actually an abbreviation for Digest of Internet information, Groups and Other stuff."
Diigo has a tagline that says it all: better reading and research! It allows you to bookmark any web link, highlight and attach notes to the web page that you bookmark, allows you to compile many bookmarks into an outliner that can be shared and collaborated. The best part is that what you save on diigo will exist intact even if the web page itself is taken down later. I really like how my personal library on Diigo is developing! 

I have started reading most books in their kindle version, and Kindle Highlights sorts out my needs for the quotations and excerpts that I want saved from the books. However, I save these along with other leads, lists, and essays from the various blogs and newsletters that I read in Diigo, so that all of them are presented in a compiled form for any tag I want to view. 

This is a really cool tool that can be used for anything- be it for your academic research, personal repositories, or just internet-collectibles! Check it out, today!

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