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Saturday, June 13, 2020

Can You Listen To A Song In Silence?

Can I listen to a song in silence? Yes, and no. If it's a song that I don't know, then yes. If it's a known song- absolutely not! I can never understand how some listen to a song they know while they are studying, or doing something that needs concentration. 

To me, singing to the tune is a natural reflex of listening to a known song. It's not even about whether it is a lyrical or instrumental version- it's all the same because I find myself humming along with it. Often, I can't even coordinate my hands to do the work because it's busy making gestures that match the rhythm and the feel! Also, I can't help moving to a beat- it's really tough to contain myself. If there is a mirror around, then that's it. I'd be too busy admiring my killer moves for the song, and all these natural reflexes just cancel out any possibility of me getting work done on time if I listen to music.

But, I have seen a lot of music that promotes itself as something that aids concentration, focus, and all that. I’ve checked them out only a couple of times, and maybe those work. But again, the rule is, it can't be anything remotely close to what I know, because there is no point fighting a reflex. I have a couple of friends who keep listening even while studying, taking notes, sorting things out, which I have always found impossible for me to do. 

And today, to write 300 words about something this trivially simple, it has taken me more than half an hour because I am busy breaking off every two minutes, tangentially on-
“Today I don't feel like doing anything… (whistles)” 🎶 💃
Well, can you listen to a song in silence?

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