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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Before Sunset

My long hair tousled by the cool, mellow breeze that blew in a course that pushed all my hair to the right, and my mind put to peace by the melodic chimes of the gentle wind and the soothingly alluring dance of the waves as they came from far to near, rising and falling, keeping the rhythm of what seemed the order of the world- I sat there taking in the whiff of saline air as the skittish waves played with my calloused feet, running them over with white, happy foam before they withdrew into the sea liberating the trapped sands under my feet. 

My eyes stared into the distant horizon, a line where the sky met the sea and where the serene colours of warmth and tranquil made a heavenly blend- a spectacle to watch, and I thanked myself for reaching the shore on time to catch a happy moment, one that would be etched in my mind for eternity. And, right on the line was the sun, the giant celestial ball of fire that gives our Earth its life, slowly descending after the day's job in this half of the globe. 

The water shone and sparkled in the beautiful pale tint of pinkish and reddish orange, gleaming in the direct rays of the setting sunlight, scattered around by the water and air. And at that moment, no thought could precede the one about this wondrous life and the order of nature. The sun no longer visible, but the water in the shade of a blissful, deep red and a bluish tinge marked the beginning of the oncoming nightfall. I smiled. 

The foamy water was still playing around my calloused feet, and I knew they would as long as I stayed, such faithful companions for the mind. I picked my duffel bag lying on the side,  brushed away the fine, wet sand clinging in defiance, and strapped it over on my shoulders ready to leave for the day. 

Another evening well spent, and every evening of my life shall be so, as long as I manage to reach the heavenly seashore- before sunset.

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