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Saturday, June 20, 2020

10 Things You Can Blog About

Do you have a blog? And, are there days when you don't know what to write about? Here are some ideas from what I have written about and explored in the last 194 days of blogging everyday across various subjects- books, movies, stories, art, life, law, and more!

1. Write about a hobby, or something that you learnt to make/do recently.
2. Review a book, movie, game, product, service, food, or anything at all that you used, watched, or read. 
3. Elaborate on a thought inside your head. 
4. Write about the favourite people you admire (with or without names).
5. Write about places. 
6. Write a poem.
7. Write a story, or you can run a chapter series with 1-2 chapters of your story every week. I'm thinking about trying this out. 
8. Pitch an idea. If you want to collaborate on something, then let people know how to contact you so that anyone who reads the post, and is interested to work with you, can ping you!
9. Share anything interesting that you came across in the recent past. Or, share the interesting resources that you use/come across with your readers.  
10. Rant. And, provide actionable solutions, if you can.

There are so many other ideas, and once you get that small hitch, it's happy writing till you hit that publish button. Keeping an editorial list ready to publish on your blog can take your writing a long way, because then you'd have something to go up anyway, and you would be stressing about what to write for what would go up on another day! This will make sure you aren't writing for the sake of just putting up something. 

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Also, I have a series of chapters ready to roll out as an interesting short tale for you all, with two chapters coming out every week! I am very excited to have my first chapter up tomorrow! 
So stay tuned, and see you tomorrow!

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