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Saturday, June 27, 2020

Murder In Beltour | Chapter 03 | Diya

Diya and Saira were standing outside the hostel. The fire that had happened a couple of days ago caused a major destruction to the hostel, and all the residents were shifted to another building temporarily inside the campus of the University. A girl had died in the fire, and that had set the University and the residents on a binge-discussion. Diya and Saira were no different from the rest of the University residents.

“But, how? How did the fire break? The college is not disclosing the cause of the fire, how is it possible that they haven’t figured that yet?” said Diya, incredulously. She had been tripping on the thought of how careless and off-handed the University seemed about giving them the concrete answers that they deserved. Well, if the house is set of fire, then there better be answers for those living in it!

“There are rumours that this was not a mishap, and it’s an attack of some sort. But I think that’s absurd,” commented Saira, gazing on the burnt walls in the upper part of the hostel, partially collapsed. “What do you think?”

“I don’t know… There are too many questions, most of them vague and improbable, if you consider it to be an attack,” speculated Diya. “But, there are also weirdly pieced facts that the University has told us. How is it that no one except Ruchi was in that part of the hostel when the fire broke out? Isn’t it odd considering that we all know the third floor corner is one of busiest? Most of the rooms there are occupied. Also, I didn’t really see much of Ruchi before this incident. Maybe something was wrong.”


“Really? Burning down a hostel? I don’t think, though we never know anything about these things. I hope the University gives us some explanation.”

“Well,” started Saira, in a long, stretched out tone. “We have to just wait and watch I guess.”

“There is no time to wait, come on Saira. Why is the administration so quiet about this? I feel like something is amiss.”

“Let’s not overthink where we don’t even have the base to think.”

The sound of a car pulling up near them, in front of the hostel, cut off their conversation. A lean, young woman stepped out of the car, dressed in a casual pair of jeans, a white tee, and sneakers. She had a small duffel on her back and she tugged it as she stood observing the slightly dilapidated structure. Soon, the authorities of the University came along, and the woman exchanged curt pleasantries with them.

“So, shall we head in? I’d suggest as few of you to accompany me as possible. Two is the cap,” she said, briskly and in a matter-of-work tone.

“We are very thankful to you, Sunanda, for agreeing to come today,” said the Dean as he, Sunanda, and one more faculty walked into the hostel. “This is a matter of the highest urgency to us.”

Diya and Saira looked at the woman going inside, each speculating in silence as to who it could be. Finally, Saira broke the silence.

“Let’s go grab something to eat, I’m starving,” she said. A notification sound made them both turn to its source. It was from inside the car. Saira ignored when she realized it was the phone that was inside on the seat of the car. But, Diya looked in for a few more seconds, and her eyes fell on the screen. Her heart pounded, and her eyes widened. The lit home screen had one short message from the Boss.
Let go of the Beltour case, and I’ll spare you.

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