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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Weaving A Web Of Equal Resources and Abundant Opportunities

The internet has opened so many portals for so many industries, since its advent. One of the most important changes that it has created is our perception on how to learn today. Any skill, any subject, any opportunity can be utilized and learnt over the web today. We have brilliant platforms such as Coursera that let you do full professionally recognized courses and issue certificates that have value. In fact, the web has transcended borders to make available the best of things in the world in your six inch smartphone screen. 

While it is fair to debate whether all of us can afford to access the internet itself, I am sure affording a course from Yale wouldn’t be possible too for those who couldn’t afford an internet connection. The world is bridging a very significant gap of not having access to resources by putting out the platforms of education on the internet. And, it is much more affordable today than what it was before. 

Using the power of the virtual world to reach out to corners where it’d take another decade to make resources physically accessible is the very power of this medium. It is better to exploit technology to cover the wide gap of needs, and put it to use that can do the society a lot of good. Technology and the reach of the internet not only covers just rural set-ups, it covers especially the urban set-up where the needs are much more and yet the cost of living is ever-rising. 
“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
― Nelson Mandela
We can educate ourselves, and contribute by sharing what we know- on the internet. Embracing this to push to a world where resources can be shared equally is a positive way of looking at it. There is no point just coming up with faults and loopholes in this system, and it is obvious that there will be. So, what we need to find are solutions to fix them, and treat this as an opportunity to make the world a place with equal opportunities.

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