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Sunday, August 9, 2020

A Week of Classics Reading: Featuring Some Of The Best Women I've Seen

Let's admit it: books with some kick-ass women leads are always a dash more entertaining and inspiring to read. The zeal it gives me, as a girl myself, is something that I cannot explain in words! When I wrote a post of my nine most favourite characters of all-time, six of them happen to be women and that’s probably because I am a female, and naturally some of the strongest, inspiring female characters have left a strong impression on my mind!

So, here are seven classics, one for every day this week, that you can pick and read, and whose women sure won't disappoint you! These can be read under a day. 

4. Sivakamiyin Sabadham
6. Heidi

In each of these books, what you'll find is women on the lead: an example of today's modern day woman, who is solid in her opinions and intuitions, and puts a strong foot forward to lead others. The books also, I believe, teach you the right lessons. 

If you are looking for books for young girls, then check out my post on literature for young girls!

Do read and let me know what you liked in the comments! Happy reading!

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