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Monday, August 17, 2020

A Natural

On tip top toe,
she smoothly slid-
on warm-black, wooden
floors, for figuring
a devilish dance

A momentary
sway- unstable,
catastrophic to the eye,
showed her way

Flat on the ground.
Leg twisted.
Back aching.
She got back up,
back to smoothly

Up and down,
up and down,
over and again,
a repeated course,
until the body

Till- on warm-black, wooden
floors, figuring the
devilish dance move,
whirling pirouettes,
so graceful, so very

On tip top toe,
she smoothly slid-
across the stage,
to a perfect click.
And, in the audience,
one said to another,
"Isn't she a natural?"
How right they were,
the audience can always place
one who doesn't
give up. A natural

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