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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Weekend Wodehouse

Title: Weekend Wodehouse
Author: P. G. Wodehouse

Wodehouse is a brilliant story-teller, making you laugh from the bottom of your heart. Every line has a witty tone. And, it's the kind of humour that sets a high standard of benchmark. I got Weekend Wodehouse as a gift from a friend, a fellow Wodehouse-fan, on my birthday. 

Weekend Wodehouse is a collection of stories and chapters of Wodehouse's other books. For those who love his writing, it's a perfect book to read, and for those who haven't read Wodehouse yet, it's a great book to begin from!

The book has a cross-sectional story collection with many of his familiar characters and stories like disreputtable members of Drones Club stories, Mr Mulliner stories, and stories of Jeeves, Lord Elmsworth of Blandings Castle and Ukridge. So, it offers a fresh variety, and deeper insight into these much-loved characters, serving as a sample of the brilliance of Wodehouse and his characters that you are bound to fall in love with. 

As the preface of the book aptly captures his writing: 

"P.G. Wodehouse established himself as not only a fond satirist of the foppish upper class, but one of the greatest comic voices in all literature."

Simply put, this collection is an ideal introduction to the writer described by Douglas Adams as ‘the greatest comic writer ever’. Weekend Wodehouse was a delight to read for me, more so because I had picked up a Wodehouse book after a long time. It made me remember the atrocious characters and their crisp, sarcastic English humour.

If you haven't read a Wodehouse yet, you better start with this one!


  1. Great post - Thank You. I love Wodehouse too.

  2. First time I hear about this book and the plot has already interested me. Now, I need to find a website, where I can buy it.


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