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Sunday, December 15, 2019

Landscape Analysis- Parameters and Scope

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Take any legal startup. There are some basic questions that come to our mind. 

What category of services do they offer?
Who runs it, and how long has the company been around?
How much do their services cost, and how long do they take?
Where do they get money from?
How many clients have they handled? Are there any big-shot, known names?
Who else does what they do, and for how much? 
How are they better than their competitors?

These, essentially, make our parameters of analysis. Given a legal startup, we dissect to find the answers to all of it- what, who, how, why, when, how much and who else. With this background, on the available data, it may be possible to further explore their milestone achievements/failures and their plans of expansion/closing down.

The scope of this experiment of a landscape analysis shall, at least initially, be restricted to legal startups based in India. The main aim of a startup is to solve an issue or to make a job easier for the customer. So, it entirely depends on the preference of the target audience. A legal service has to be analysed not only keeping the abilities of the company or its team in mind, but also the behaviour and the acceptance of the Indian customers. The functioning and utilization of a potentially brilliant startup is undoubtedly heavily shaped by the circumstances special to this country.

Therefore, an experiment to dissect such startups is what is attempted here, keeping in mind the parameters and the scope explained above. Stay with me, till I get back soon with the next post in the series!

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