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Thursday, December 26, 2019

31 Days To Build A Better Blog

Title: 31 Days To Build A Better Blog (Second Edition)
Author: Darren Rowse

Hit the writers’ block? Here’s a book that’s actually helpful for both new bloggers and struggling bloggers. ‘31 Days to Build A Better Blog’ by Darren Rowse gives you a sound head start on types of posts that you can put up, how to come up with ideas for posts, how to write a list post, analyse another blog, promote a blog post, find a blog buddy, write a review and so on. Covering wide aspects of blogging from writing to promotions to monitoring statistics and increasing earnings, it is a well-rounded guide for all those who want to jump start their blog back to life. 

As the preface to the book puts it, the book is for those who want to improve their blog, but have been putting it in the “one day” basket. Written in a simple, comprehensible and coherent workbook-style format, every chapter comes with interesting examples, actionable notes and tasks, and also links and material for further reading. 

While the workbook has been designed to be worked through over 31 days, it is best to proceed through it at one’s own pace. You might tackle a couple of tasks in a single day, or take your time with them and do just one or two a week. It’s totally up to you, and just as effective. 

What I liked about the book is that it gives certain not-so-regular but functional tips to boost your blog such as emailing and connecting with readers, updating key pages on your blog, and answering to comments regularly. Such small acts that may seem insignificant in the short run actually creates a better reach for the blog. When I began recouping my lost blogging practice, this was one of the books I pulled out to help me get a direction, even though I’ve blogged for several years before. 

So, check out this awesome book, and just like my #DayOne started again, I hope yours does too! It’s never too late to bounce back, buddies.

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  1. To my mind, such books about blogging are useless. They give us unnecessary information. If you want to become a good blogger, you must work hard every day.


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