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Friday, December 20, 2019

A Scene From the Bus Stand

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The local buses usually come frequently in my place, but the days when the frequency is very slim is not uncommon. The other day, I was waiting for a bus at the bus stand at around eight o’ clock at night, the “peak crowd” time, and I seem to have been in an observant mood. Just looking at the people in the bus stand left me thinking bemusedly on why people do what they do. 

A big crowd was standing expectantly waiting for a bus. The size of the crowd just kept getting bigger and bigger, but there was no trace of a bus coming. One finally came, and the crowd, which had sat down by that time, exhausted and with no hope, started back to life when the bus turned the corner. Some hurried their children, some picked up their baggage, and there were cries and loud shouts for nobody knew what. It was all completely chaotic. And, when they all finally did find whatever they had to, they jostled up on the road pushing and elbowing each other to make sure they got in first. The bus had almost come near, and they were all perfectly ready to get in. They were all still ready to climb in, and the bus should have stopped. But it didn’t. Though it was mostly empty, the bus didn’t stop to pick up the crowd. They were still ready to hop in, when the bus passed them, and no other vehicle, close to the appearance or utility of a bus, was in sight. 

And, all the jostling and elbowing and pushing stopped at the realization that the bus was gone, that it didn't stop, and they all scrambled back to the bus stop determined to catch a seat to sit, before others could occupy them. 

I just took a share cab instead of the bus that day, but the scene I had seen at the bus stand played out in my mind, bringing the amused, half smile involuntarily. 

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